Wednesday, May 1

All Bets Are Off

It feels like the weeks are FLYING by and I seem to have no extra time on my hands anymore!
The boys are 15 months old today!
It is incredible thinking about how they were just 1 year ago!
Yesterday, I got called into work for a few hours, and thankfully, Grammy was on vacation and was able to babysit!
Well, it was also our first 80+ degree day!
So they had a swim party with Grammy!!
Here are they boys 1 year ago!!

And today....

Eli had his first Haircut!!!

Before and after. Whew his hair was so long!

Yes, Mommy cut his hair!  He did such a great job!!
And he looks SO handsome!
Their newest game is to play Peek-a-boo...All the time!
They love playing with eachother, but here, Daddy got in on the play :)


^^^Eli was sitting in time out... Blake wasn't too happy about it, so he started playing Peek-a-boo with him....  How am I supposed to stay mad, when they are so darn cute?!
-- We have been enforcing 'time-outs' since they turned 1 year old. As of now, at 15 months, if we even threaten them with a time out- they usually stop what they are doing, shake their head no (No they do not want a time out)- or they will actually go and sit in the corner quietly!
So it seems to be working really well!

We took them to Dairy Queen for the first time.
Eli loves Ice cream, but Blake isn't a huge fan.
They were so full from dinner, they didn't really want any this night anyways--- More for mommy and daddy!

Mmmm Frozen waffles.  They had no patients for breakfast to cook, so this is what they got.. And they liked it!

I took this picture to remember the first time my boys switched the laundry all by themselves.
I would hand them a piece of clothing and they would put it in the dryer! They played this 'game' until the washer was empty and the dryer was full!
Then they pushed the door shut and started it!
Such big boys :)
The title of this blog "All Bets Are Off" is because of these evil guys called "Molars".
A few nights ago, Blake woke up Screaming EVERY HOUR of the night.
went to bed at 7pm
woke up at 8pm
woke up at 9pm
woke up at 10pm
woke up at 11pm
woke up at 12am
slept from 12-2am
woke up at 2am
slept from 2am-5am
woke up at 5am
slept 5am-6am
woke up at 6am
Finally brought him to bed with mommy and he slept from 6am-8:30am
It was a LOOONG was like he was a newborn again! Just screaming in pain :(
Watching your kids push teeth through is such a painful event for parents too. There is only a certain number of things you can do to relieve the pain, but eventually, they just have to deal with it until they come in!
We gave him tylenol around 9pm...then orajel the rest of the times waking up. Orajel has been our saviour during these teething times.
 Last week, I took the boys garage saling. They sat nicely in the stroller for 2 1/2 hours while we walked around a HUGE neighborhood garage sale!
It was so fun and nice to be out of the house with them with no meltdowns and I was able to get some great deals on boy clothes!
Garage sales are the way to buy clothes.  We needed swim trunks for this summer, but at the store, the cheapest is around $7!  It might not seem like much, until you have 2 kids who will only fit in them for 2 months.  So I found 3 pairs for 50cents a piece!
I got a lot of pants/jeans for only 25cents each!!
Hubby and I have gone through a TON of our stuff and had a long talk about selling all of our baby stuff.
We haven't decided if we want more kids or not, but we know if we do, they boys need to be at least 4 years old (for our sanity!)
It seems silly for us to keep 12+ tubs of baby boy cothing in our attic and all of the toys just sitting there getting dusty.
We figured we can sell everything and use the money now, and see where we are in 2 years or so.
Who knows- we may even get a girl and can't use the clothes anyways!!
Have a Happy week!!