Wednesday, July 30

Work and Money

This has been a busy week for us!  Grammy brought us 2bushels of Sweet Corn and 1 bushel of green beans.  
Sunday we spend the day freezing corn, canning Creamed corn and making Corn Cob Jelly!

I started canning the green beans yesterday and have 15 quarts done and 1/2 more bushel to go. 

We had a massive storm roll through that unloaded rain on us. The tarp filled with rain and the boys enjoyed a 'pool' day!

Unfortunately we got a flat tire :( On top of our tiller motor busting and finding mold in our basement, we are strapping our finances to the max to make all these fixes this week.  So goes life. 

Hoping to have a quiet rest of the week! We are now 29 1/2 weeks with Baby C! Only 10 more weeks till we meet our little girl!!

Almost a Year!

Whew!  I can't believe it has almost been a year since I've last updated this blog!
And WOW so many things have changed and happened!

Let's start right where we left off!

The boys were 18months old. Hubby and I FINALLY found our dream house!  We bought this house- which is on 8 acres in the middle of no where (hence why I haven't updated my internet!) 

We moved into our new house at the end of September 2013. 
Not much happened that fall, as we were just learning the ropes of country life and trying to survive.  
In January, we had a terrible snow storm which knocked out our power for 2 days.  
We were SO thankful to have a wood burning stove in our house. We lived in our basement, cooked food on our wood burning stove, kept our food in coolers outside in the snow and used gallon jugs of water so we could flush our toilets. 
         *Talk about learning the country life fast!* 

View of our road 6 days after the storm. 

My baby boys turned 2!!!

And we took an amazing vacation to Florida!

When we got home from Florida, we decided to buy baby Chicks to start getting our own fresh eggs.  

Hubby built our 11 chicks an incredible coop!! 
      * We did end up having a tragedy, and 9 of our chickens were killed by a raccoon.  We currently have 2 girls now and are hoping to get more next spring! 
    **Hubby got payback by killing 2 raccoons after the chicken massacre. 

We made the announcement that we are pregnant again!!! Baby 'C'!
       **18 weeks- size of a sweet potato!

   It's A Girl!!

Well, with the 8 acres we have, we knew we'd be planning a big garden....

And, as of June, we are officially POTTY TRAINED!!!!! 

Our 4th of July was really fun this year as the boys were old enough to play with us!

Mommy took the boys on a museum date that ended with frozen yogurt! 

Which brings us to the current week- July  24th, 2014. 

I just finished Baby 'C' baby quilt!

And yes, we are naming her Nora. 😄. 
I am now 28.5 weeks along and our official due date is October 13th!

It seems like we still have quite a lot of time, but I know it will fly by and soon we will be a family of 5! 

Since it has been a while since I've updated this, I have decided to change up the "theme" of this blog.  

I wish I had a TV crew following the boys and I all day/everyday because life with 2 toddlers is HILARIOUS, crazy and wild.  
But, as I do not have a tv crew with me, I am going to do my best to document the insane things that my kids come up with.  

It should be a good laugh seeing what the Waits Twins get into next. :)

Sunday, August 4

The Summer of "FIRSTS"

I apologize for not having posted since May!  I can't understand where the time has gone!
Let's try and back track to catch everyone up-

Around May, hubby and I decided we wanted to sell our house.  We went into 'super sonic' mode and updated, cleaned, repaired, and replaced everything that needed it in our house.  We met our goal of having it listed by June 1st!  After 48 hours on the market and 7 super showings, we had an offer and we accepted! 
We had zero time to look for a new house in those 48 hours, so we packed our lives into a storage unit and moved into my mama's house! 

We couldn't be more thankful for her letting in a family of 4 while we search for our dream home. 

While all this moving was happening, a lot happened with the boys as well. 

I knew that moving would change up their schedule, and boy did it!
Both boys were working on their Canine teeth coming in at the same time, so for about 3 weeks neither of them ate a full meal.  They snacked here and there but they refused to eat a full meal!

It was tough! They were obviously hungry but in pain. Thankful that we pulled out of that stage and we are back to eating like normal again! 

The boys have experienced so many new things this summer!

^^ First Corn on the Cob!

^^ Blake's first Fireworks!!

^^ Eli's first Fireworks!

^^ First trip to the Water Park!

^^ First Baby Contest!

^^ First trip to a Fair to see the Animals! (Eli was obsessed!!)

^^ First Popcicle

^^ They do love each other <3

^^ Mommy Made Jello Worms!!!

^^ Blake wasn't a huge fan of the worms

^^ But Eli loved the worms!

^^ Mommy put crayons in a box and they LOVED it! You color inside the box and not on the walls of the house!

^^ They learned how to hold each other's hands! Every time they hold hands, Eli starts power walking, almost dragging Blake around :)

^^ Playing Disc Golf for the first time!

^^ Throwing rocks with daddy.

^^ First Carousel Ride!

^^ Took the boys downtown!

 ^^ They loved being free to climb up and down the steps and run around.

^^ The 'Cake Boss' was in town handing out 10,000 free cakes! The line was waaay too long to wait in, so we watched everyone else wait!

^^ We turn 18 months old, so mommy took us on a Steak n Shake date

^^ Yummm
I took the boys to the park and tried to snap a few pictures for their 18 months!

We went to Sweet Ella's 2nd birthday party this weekend!
Elmo Party!

The boys love wearing their helmets! And of course, holding hands ;)

^^ Their first bike ride!!!

So many "FIRSTS" this summer!!

It's so fun and exciting to watch them learn and grow as they see, feel and experience all these fun parts of life!!

My moms house is connected to a park, so every morning I put the boys in the stroller and I get my morning jog in, and we always end at the big playground. They usually play for 1-2 hours until its lunch and nap time. 

In the afternoon, if we don't have anything super exciting planned, them we take a bike ride around the park and end at the playground again. :) They LOVE the slides. They make all the other parents nervous at how daring they are for their age.  
Such brave little boys.

There is another park just 3 minutes down the road that has a huge playground but also has a Splash Pad! It is totally free and has been the perfect way to cool off this summer! 

This past week, the "Cake Boss" -Buddy( from the t.v. show Cake Boss) was visiting our city and handing out 10,000 free cakes!!
I decided to pack up the boys at 7am and take them downtown!
They love being downtown with all the rush of people!

Well, the line was ungodly long, it was moving super fast, but long non the less, and the boys just could not sit still in the wagon, so we did not wait in line for a cake. :( 
I did let them run around the circle to burn off energy and they loved running up and down the steps and watching other big kids run around. 

Wish we could have gotten a cake, but I know they had a blast just experiencing something different! 

The boys turned 18 months on July 31!  It doesn't hardly seem possible that they are 1 1/2 already!!

at their doctor visit 

Eli is 25lb 2oz and 32.5" tall
Blake is 26.1lb and 33.25" tall. (not sure how accurate his length is- he was so mad and squirmy!)

They both gained just 1 lb over the past 3 months. 

In all honesty, hubby and I told ourselves, if we just make it through the first year it will get a lot easier- well, to all you other multiple parents.... Not True. 

 I hate to be the bearer of bad news- 
In a way, yes it is easier, but... 
"Let the Tantrums Begin!"

They have finally realized that they are sharing mommy during the day, a quite frankly they don't like that. So they have begun fighting for mommy to hold them. Which ends in mommy holding no one and a lot of crying. After about 2 weeks of that drama, they finally realized that mommy plays fair and they don't need to fight about it. 

They have also learned to take toys and run away, kick, hit, throw toys at each others heads, push each other off couches, steal each others food... the list goes on. 
Although most of it is hilarious to watch, it does get old quick, and the timeouts have become more frequent and a lot of explaining on what sharing is and taking turns. 
We also went through a meltdown phase of high chairs. 

They no longer sit in high chairs or booster seats and if you try to put them in one, well watch out 

So, we put a plate of food on the table, they climb up the chair, sit down and eat their dinner- off a plate with silverware..  I don't know why but I guess they were over being treated like babies! 

And when they are done eating, they get down and go back to playing!

Out of all the fight and tantrums, I know they still love each other, as they have started holding each others hands when we ask them to. 
It is the CUTEST thing you have ever seen. And what's even funnier is, as soon as they grab hands, Eli takes off power walking, practically dragging Blake behind him. He's on a mission when he is holding hands. 

They have finally begun speaking a lot more now too!
They use - on a daily basis- approximately 30 words. 
Anywhere from:::
hi, bye
up, down
go, stop
poop-- yes, they are telling us when they go! and they know to tell us if they pooped or just went potty.  I can see a diaper free future!!!
Mom and Dad!!! <--- MADE ME SOOO HAPPY!!
E-I, Bake <--- Made me even happier!! While pointing at their brother, they said their name!!!!

That's all for now.
I will do my best to keep updating, but days are FLYING by!!