Wednesday, July 30

Work and Money

This has been a busy week for us!  Grammy brought us 2bushels of Sweet Corn and 1 bushel of green beans.  
Sunday we spend the day freezing corn, canning Creamed corn and making Corn Cob Jelly!

I started canning the green beans yesterday and have 15 quarts done and 1/2 more bushel to go. 

We had a massive storm roll through that unloaded rain on us. The tarp filled with rain and the boys enjoyed a 'pool' day!

Unfortunately we got a flat tire :( On top of our tiller motor busting and finding mold in our basement, we are strapping our finances to the max to make all these fixes this week.  So goes life. 

Hoping to have a quiet rest of the week! We are now 29 1/2 weeks with Baby C! Only 10 more weeks till we meet our little girl!!

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