Wednesday, July 30

Work and Money

This has been a busy week for us!  Grammy brought us 2bushels of Sweet Corn and 1 bushel of green beans.  
Sunday we spend the day freezing corn, canning Creamed corn and making Corn Cob Jelly!

I started canning the green beans yesterday and have 15 quarts done and 1/2 more bushel to go. 

We had a massive storm roll through that unloaded rain on us. The tarp filled with rain and the boys enjoyed a 'pool' day!

Unfortunately we got a flat tire :( On top of our tiller motor busting and finding mold in our basement, we are strapping our finances to the max to make all these fixes this week.  So goes life. 

Hoping to have a quiet rest of the week! We are now 29 1/2 weeks with Baby C! Only 10 more weeks till we meet our little girl!!

Almost a Year!

Whew!  I can't believe it has almost been a year since I've last updated this blog!
And WOW so many things have changed and happened!

Let's start right where we left off!

The boys were 18months old. Hubby and I FINALLY found our dream house!  We bought this house- which is on 8 acres in the middle of no where (hence why I haven't updated my internet!) 

We moved into our new house at the end of September 2013. 
Not much happened that fall, as we were just learning the ropes of country life and trying to survive.  
In January, we had a terrible snow storm which knocked out our power for 2 days.  
We were SO thankful to have a wood burning stove in our house. We lived in our basement, cooked food on our wood burning stove, kept our food in coolers outside in the snow and used gallon jugs of water so we could flush our toilets. 
         *Talk about learning the country life fast!* 

View of our road 6 days after the storm. 

My baby boys turned 2!!!

And we took an amazing vacation to Florida!

When we got home from Florida, we decided to buy baby Chicks to start getting our own fresh eggs.  

Hubby built our 11 chicks an incredible coop!! 
      * We did end up having a tragedy, and 9 of our chickens were killed by a raccoon.  We currently have 2 girls now and are hoping to get more next spring! 
    **Hubby got payback by killing 2 raccoons after the chicken massacre. 

We made the announcement that we are pregnant again!!! Baby 'C'!
       **18 weeks- size of a sweet potato!

   It's A Girl!!

Well, with the 8 acres we have, we knew we'd be planning a big garden....

And, as of June, we are officially POTTY TRAINED!!!!! 

Our 4th of July was really fun this year as the boys were old enough to play with us!

Mommy took the boys on a museum date that ended with frozen yogurt! 

Which brings us to the current week- July  24th, 2014. 

I just finished Baby 'C' baby quilt!

And yes, we are naming her Nora. 😄. 
I am now 28.5 weeks along and our official due date is October 13th!

It seems like we still have quite a lot of time, but I know it will fly by and soon we will be a family of 5! 

Since it has been a while since I've updated this, I have decided to change up the "theme" of this blog.  

I wish I had a TV crew following the boys and I all day/everyday because life with 2 toddlers is HILARIOUS, crazy and wild.  
But, as I do not have a tv crew with me, I am going to do my best to document the insane things that my kids come up with.  

It should be a good laugh seeing what the Waits Twins get into next. :)