Tuesday, March 20

Starting from Day One!

We found out at the end of May 2011 that we were expecting our first child!
--After taking 7 pregnancy tests of course!--

At about 6 weeks into the pregnancy (June 23rd) I started having a lot of bleeding problems. The doctors had me come in right away to make sure nothing was wrong. Turns our that everything was fine and in fact we were having TWO babies!!  WOW.    I have always known that it could be a possibility for me to have twins--my Grandpa is a twin and they are scattered all over both sides of my family!

Knowing that we are having twins made us both incredibly nervous.  We started reading up on twin pregnancies and as you can imagine, everything Negative popped up online.  How much more risky twin pregnancies are for both babies and mom.    BUT, we were very fortunate and throughout the entire 9 1/2 months, we had NO problems! I worked until 36 weeks, then I decided it would be nice to get some time off before my life became insane.

At 38 weeks my blood pressure started to get pretty high.  They decided to induce me at 38 weeks.  So on Monday, January 30th we checked into the hospital to start the pitocin! 

I had heard so many horror stories about being Induced and Pitocin- so I was honestly scared to death!  They immediately started the Pitocin at 5:30am.  Around Noon I asked for my Epidural. ( I went in to the hospital at 2 cm- by Noon I was at 4cm).  The epidural was FANTASTIC! I was able to sleep and relax before the journey I had ahead of myself. EXCEPT- the epidural made me super sick.  Every time they gave me a dose, I would end up throwing up.  -- Doesn't help that you can't eat anything!! 
Anyways,   Labor took forever!! Finally, after 24 hours of labor, my doctor said we were at 10cm!!
I would have to say that the Labor was much much worse than the delivery.  They gave me a quick shot of the epidural right before delivery, so baby A (Eli) was a breeze!! We were laughing and singing and having 'fun' while pushing!  Then, baby B (Blake) decided he did NOT want to come! So-- 3 hours later, the epidural had totally worn off, and Blake's head was turned sideways so the Doc decided we needed to suction him out (3hours was about her limit before turning to a C-section).  WOW- Natural births HURT! haha But Blake was healthy! 
I would have to say that the worst part of no epidural was not actually the birthing part, but the 'clean-up' part.    The doctors and nurses are up to their elbows in your body, scraping out everything that was leftover and pushing so hard on your stomach.  That was definitely the worst--oh-- and the sewing up the tears.  It is the most odd sensation feeling string being dug through you and then feeling the tugging... ugghh.   

Well- the boys and I were both healthy and we couldn't have asked for a better Labor and Delivery! And a better doctor!

Eli Mack-- 6lb. 14oz.  5:30am
Blake Scott-- 7lb.  4oz.   8:21am

We left the hospital after 2 days and the rest is history!!  

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