Monday, April 8

Faith in Discipline

The past week was pretty uneventful. Thankfully.
The weather slowly became warmer out, so the boys and I slowly migrated outdoors!
The first few days, we mostly hung out on the deck. I left the screen door open so they could run in and out as they pleased.
They really enjoyed the freedom to choose to be in or be out!
Hubby and I have "put our hands down" on the discipline in this house.
We have been having too many issues, and I think we were starting to feel run over.
We have been enforcing time-outs like it's our full time job!
Thankfully, they QUICKLY realized how a time-out works and we haven't had melt down/tantrums during them in 2 days!
We place them in the corner and explain why they have to sit there for 1 minute because of what they did.
At first, it was really hard for their brother to see them getting a time out.
Blake got the first 'strict' time out and Eli started flipping out.  He tried to take Blake a blankie..tried to sit down with him...and then started crying...
Is this a twin thing??
Now, they are very good, quiet and sit in the corner for the whole minute and they don't try to run away.-- I think the trick is getting down and explaining why they need to sit there and what they did wrong.
And, of course, after their 1 minute is up, I make them give mommy a hug and I explain why what they did is a no no.  
I've been very pleased with the results and even just threatening to give them a time out is starting to work!
We built a massive fort!

And played in the laundry basket

Played Football with Daddy (or watched him)

Rode around in the wagon!

My sister came down for the weekend and we went to the zoo!!
We went to the Dolphin show...
Daddy and Blake

It was so fun watching the boys see the dolphins jump out of the water!
Blake kept saying "WHOA!"

Mommy and Eli!

We posed for a few pictures with our Harley Shirts on!

Had more play time on the playground-- this is our FAVORTIE activity

Snuggles with Mommy

We did another easter egg hunt with Grammy & Suz!
(They love throwing the eggs ^^^)
What a great week and weekend. 
This weather has been perfect and the boys are finally burning off their energy!


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