Monday, April 1

Terrible Almost-Twos?

We had such an AMAZING Easter weekend!
Friday, I babysat our cousin's kiddos for about 4 hours! It was so much fun! And so busy.  I didn't get to eat or sit down the entire morning :) 
But totally worth it, seeing them again!

They boys had so much fun, but I know they were exhausted by the time nap-time came around!

The day was not over yet, though!
Friday night, we drove out to have dinner with our good friends at an Old Dime Store.
Dinner was delish and the company was even better!
Cody, Cassie & Lliam are leaving for New Zealand today - so Friday night was our official 'good bye for now' with them.
Can't wait to hear how their travels go today, and see pictures of their arrival!
Saturday, Brad's grandma, aunt and cousins drove 3 hours to hang out with all of us!
We went to Ponderosa for lunch- unforunately, the boys decided to have their very first Restaurant-meltdown.
They refused to sit in the high chairs, cried, wouldn't eat...really- they just wanted to run around.
There was so much going on and so many people to watch.
so, brad and I had to go sit in a separate booth and entertain them while everyone else ate!
Toward the end, we did get them to eat a few oranges,peas, beans and ham...
After lunch, we all went to brad's sisters new house and hung out!
So thankful that we had her house to go to. The boys did GREAT there!
They truly just cannot sit still right now. They love running, throwing, chewing,
We stayed there for almost 3 hours and ate delish Ice Cream cake to celebrate Brad's grandma's Birthday!
It was so wonderful seeing them all again! Usually, we only see that side of the family at Christmas time- so this was such a treat!
Sunday was Easter!
This is the boys 2nd Easter- but the first one they can really participate in.
Brad's family all came over to our house (Which was great, because after 2 CRAZY BUSY days, the boys couldn't handle anymore excitement without some naps!)
They brought Yummy Yummy lunch for us and the boys got Easter Baskets!
Mamaw & Papaw sure do know how to find some great and super fun toys!
The boys took a 2nd nap, and I quickly ran to the store to buy easter eggs (Yes, I forgot to buy them- I'm the one who buys easter eggs at 5pm on Easter Sunday!)

We "hid" the eggs around the yard and let the boys run free!


Thank goodness we had such gorgeous weather! It was perfect for a quick easter egg hunt!
Well, here is a little something to make you all smile::
Blake found a bag of flour... he started SCREAMING.
We ran into the laundry room to find him like this.
Poor guy felt so bad/embaressed for it!
We had to stop and take a picture first!
Eli's tantrums have seem to have gotten worse this week.
He is getting very possesive over the toys in this house.
If Blake even looks at a toy, Eli says NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO and starts screaming.

Well, last night, Eli stole a toy from Blake.
Mommy always makes them take toys back to who was originally playing with I made Eli take the Ball back to blake..Well, that did NOT go over well with Eli.
Here is daddy, sitting on the front porch with Eli.
He is having a 'Sharing is Caring' conversation while watching the rain and "cooling off"
^^^^^^^^^ that is the reason for my title today.
We seem to be fighting, bickering, pushing, shoving, pulling, hitting...a lot more.
I know I just need to breathe and say 'this too shall pass'
It seems with each great milestone comes with a rough patch.
Thankful today for my hubby who does his best to keep me sane!!
Eli has 1 full molar through in his top gums now! and his other top one is close! (It seems it will be a while before his bottoms even start)
Poor Blake, his bottom gums are pure white- the pressure from the teeth below is so great, that it is having the 'white knuckle' effect on his gums  :(

It has been about 2 weeks now, and we are still having him wake up in the middle of the night- he is STARVING and milk is the only way to calm him and have him go back to sleep.
- I'm assuming this is because they are not eating hardly anything during the daytime. Seems they won't anytime soon either, until these darn molars come in.
This week is supposed to be GORGEOUS weather, and we have no plans/ appointments! Looking forward to spending every day outside with my boys!!

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