Thursday, March 28

Using Your Words

We are about to hit the 14 month mark!
This 13th month seems to have dragged on! It feels like the boys' 1st birthday was AGES ago!
Well, although it seems to have lasted forever, that has not stopped the boys from learning new things everyday!
Our biggest issue right now is communication.
They know what they Want..they just can't communicate it properly to us, which causes them to get very frustrated, very quickly.
The past week, they started this new form of communication...called:
"Scream your head off till you get what you want."
It's not so great.
At first, I gave in and gave them what they wanted- not realizing what I was doing....
After a few days, hubby and I were FED.UP. with the screams.
So, we have had to sit and completely ignore the screaming- I'm not saying that we are ignoring their wants/needs- but, we have to tell them:
 'you need to use words' Or
 'I don't know what you want when you scream'
Or, I even tell them the word they are looking for and keep repeating it- hoping they catch on and start using it!
Well FINALLY, as of this morning, Eli seems to be past the screaming stage. He all the sudden, started (what I call) the "Toddler Whine"
If he wants something he walks around going, "mee woo baa ooh mebo waahbe" --- all to a whiney voice...
Well, it's much better than the screaming- at least I can tell that he is trying really really hard to use his words!! That's a huge step in the right direction!!
Blake is still screaming..but I'm hoping after a day of listening to Eli 'chat and whine' he will also stop.
Since we are working on using our words, they have learned a TON of new words!!
So, as of 14 months, here is our list of words that we know (if I can remember them all..)
BuhBuh (buh bye)
Ah (eye- as they point at their eye ball)
Whoa (when something cool happens)
Boo (when they pop out of no where and 'scare' us!)
Mii (Milk- when they want their sippy cup of milk-and they know if it's water and not milk)
Bah (Ball and they grab, hold, show the ball)
Moe (More, when they want more food or drink)
Bah (Book-they had you a 'Bah' to read to them)
Ugk (Yuck- as they stick out their tongue)
Bah (Blankie- I only know this means their blankie cause they point to it then run and grab it as they say 'bah')
Car (
Chuc (Truck)
Nigh Nigh (Night night- we say at bedtime every night)
Sigh (Outside-whenever they want to go outside)
Sha (sock)
Bah-um-ba (Basketball- they LOVE to sit and watch our neighbor boy play basketball- it's the only time they sit still for more than 3 minutes, while they say 'bah-um-ball' the entire time)
No-no-no (They say this while they shake their finger at us and laugh so hard!-- we did it 1 time in front of them from a funny commercial, now they think it is soo hilarious to do it!)
Mah ( Muah- when they want to give kisses!)
Well, that's all I can think of right now, I'm sure the hubby will remember more when he reads this ;)
Next step will be combining words! I love watching them learn words! They get so excited when they say something to us, and we understand them!
Sharing has also seemed to have gotten a little better in our house.
Blake seems to be a little better at sharing than Eli.
He will randomly just hand Eli a toy if he is done with it.  Or, if he steals a toy from eli (I know that's the opposite of sharing)- we walk him over to Eli and tell him to give the toy back to Eli...he has finally gotten to a point that he just holds out the toy and moves on with his playing! Like it doesn't bother him that he has to give it back..
Eli is not that great, yet.  He wants what he wants....  we will keep working :)
It was SUPER warm out on Saturday, so we took the boys to the park!!

Eli is quite the monkey-- he succesfully climbed to the top of the slide while neither hubby nor I were looking!

After the gorgeous weather,
We got a CRAZY snow storm this week! Sunday night into Monday, we got close to 12" at our house!
I so badly wanted to take the boys out in the snow, but really...who wants to spend 1 hour dressing 2 little boys up- just for them to get stuck in the snow, fall over and cry because they are cold and can't move... (And we never even bought them snow gear!)
So, being a smart mommy, I brought the snow to them!!

We played in the 70degree house and only had to put gloves on!
Talk about a good 30 minutes of pure entertainment  :)
Then 2 days later, it was 40+ degrees outside! So we took our 'snow play' outside!
Tomorrow I get to visit our cousin's 3 kiddos!
I'm so excited to see them all!
Thankfully it is going to be PERFECT outdoor weather!
Busy Easter weekend coming up! Enjoy!

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