Friday, March 8

Boys will be Boys

This has been a really laid back week.
We haven't gone anywhere or done anything!
There is big news on my side-- I started a part-time job!!
It's a cake decorator job- and I get to pick my hours/days and make my own schedule! I just text my boss to see when our backup is getting low or if we have orders, and I come in to work according to the needs!
It's so great to find a job that can be flexible with me being a stay-at-home mom and also with Brad's on-call work schedule!
Other Big news--
Blake and Eli's new glasses came in!!!
Blake was keeping the same Dark Gray frames, but new lenses
Eli got new frames and new lenses!
They haven't been wearing their glasses for 1 week- their old prescriptions were so strong, that I was afraid it would give them headaches to wear them.
So..Who's Who??
These boys are CRAZY now!
We never thought that this stage would come so fast.
Our Vocabulary for a 13month old:::
-Don't touch that
-What did mommy say
-Didn't you just hear what mommy said to Eli
-Do you want to get a time-out
hahaha  They are into EVERYTHING!!!!
They climb on everything, touch everything, pull everything, throw everything, pull everything....
SO funny and SO exhausting.
Finding new things for them to do, to exhaust energy is difficult! You want them to burn energy and have fun, without them getting out of control.

Let's just say I can't WAIT for this summer!!
We can get out of the house! Run around the back yard, jump in the kiddie pool, play in sand...

We also have Molar teeth coming in!
Which is exciting in the way of misery.
Blake has been waking up around 4:30-5am crying...the only way to calm him down is to change his diaper and put orajel on his gums... and they don't even feel Close to pushing through yet!
Should be a long next few months with these teeth.

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