Saturday, March 2

Seeing Clearer!

Another big week has ended at our house!
The boys are officially 13 months old! Hard to believe!
It is so amazing listening to them learn to talk. Probably one of the best parts so far! They are learning to use different tones for different words and sounds. It's so cute!
Yesterday, March 1st, was our LAST DAY ON FORMULA!!!!!!!!!!!
I cannot express to you what an amazing feeling it is!
The only way you could understand, is if you were having to mix formula for multiples.
Making up 12 bottles every night in the beginning, then going down to 8 bottles every night, then working our way down to 4 every night ( I say every night, cause it is almost IMPOSSIBLE to keep up during the day with mixing the formula, while you are tending to 2 babies)
So today is our first full day on Whole milk!
So far, so good. We have been adding the milk into their formula for a while now, to get their little bodies used to it.
It is such a relief not having to scoop, measure, shake...repeat.  :D
Other big news this week::
We had our Riley visit for another check up on the boys' eyes!
Going in to this appointment, I had it in my mind to mention to the doctor about how much they are pulling their glasses off their faces now.
I wasn't sure if it was just because they are older now (and smarter!) and know how to take them off, or if their prescription wasn't quite right anymore --
So, I brought it up- 
the doctor thought it was maybe a little early to be needing new prescriptions (it's only been 6 months!)
But, she wanted to dilate their eyes and check just to make sure!
Turns out-- I was right!
They DEFINITELY needed new prescriptions!
*I am in no way an expert on glasses/vision- so I'm going to say a few things that I don't even know what they mean!*
Eli's vision was at a -9  ::this is what is current prescription is based on
Blake's vision was at a -7  ::again, his current prescription
Eli's vision is at a -6
Blake's vision is at a -5
Apparently this is a HUGE decrease in the pressure in their eyes and it all means that their vision is improving Dramatically!
Faster than the doctors could have hoped!
She also said that their optic nerves are looking wonderful.
After this visit, we will go back in 4 months now, and if everything is still improving as well and as fast as it is right now, then we will only have to go in 2times a year!!
We ordered both of the boys' new glasses prescriptions- but we also ordered Eli some new frames :)
I can't wait to see them on him, and see everyone else's reactions!!
Boys driving their cars at the doctor!
We have also had some fun this week!!
We made a HUGE moutain out of our couch cushins! They had so much fun climbing it! When they got to the top, they were so happy!!

We "painted" with edible paint!
**Mommy just mixed some food coloring into applesauce**
they had so much fun!!


And, they helped mommy make some pizza dough!!
Eli was so scared of the mixer at first, but they were having a blast watching it go 'roud and 'round!
Yesterday, we had another awesome play-date with Miss Maylee!
I love that little girl as if she were my own daughter.
She is so incredibly smart!

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