Tuesday, February 26

Another Day, Another Trip to Riley....

Although the title of this post may seem daunting, there is not bad-news to report (yet)!
Eli & Blake are doing amazing!
They have put themselves of their own 1-nap-a-day schedule. I suppose we should have waited for them in the first place instead of pushing it on them.  

Their schedule as of 12 months is:
6:30-7am = wake up, have a sippy cup, snack on puffs and fruit melts
8:30 = breakfast (oatmeal, pancakes,waffles,toast-  they still hate eggs)
10am = nap for 2 - 2 1/2 hours
12:30pm = wake up, have a sippy cup & lunch
1pm= play!, library, grocery shopping, laundry, watching elmo or giggle bellies
2-3pm = we go into our crib for some "down time" some days they stay awake and play the whole time, and some days they fall asleep for a 2nd nap. We let them do what they want, but it is an R&R time.
3:30 = sippy cup & snack time (teddy grahams, banana, zuchinni cookie, blueberries, goldfish, nutragrain bars)
6pm = Dinner
7pm= Bedtime bottle
It's been a pretty great schedule so far. They like having that earlier nap and staying awake the rest of the afternoon. Then there are days, like today, that they are taking a 2nd nap!
Eli is FINALLY getting his 8th tooth! (his 4th on the bottom)
They are talking up a storm now! They know so many words-- but at the same time, I can tell they are getting more and more frustrated with it. -- They are getting better at communicating with mommy, but when they CAN'T- they freak out and throw a tantrum- until mommy can figure out what they are trying to get/have.
We are also having a few issues with sharing now. 
It is such a difficult thing to tell one kid, you need to give that back to him, because he wasn't done playing-- so not only do you have the 1st kid crying cause his brother took his toy, but now mommy goes and makes the 2nd kid cry cause he has to give it back to his brother..
Hoping all this crying creates good sharing children ! haha
Well, to get back to the title of this post-
This week, we have another 3month check-up at Riley for the boys' eyes!

It has officially been 6 months since they have had the surgery to fix their Glaucoma.- I cannot believe it has been 6 months!!
I am once again, excited and nervous for what they have to say.
My gut tells me it will be good news again, and we are hoping to start putting more time in between our visits (as much as we love the Drs.!)- but I always have this knot in my stomach  about them taking a few steps back.
I do think that we might be needing new prescriptions at this appointment.
Blake has been pulling his glasses off a lot more than normal.. So, I am curious and anxious to see how that appointment goes!
Also, at our last doctors visit (pediatrician)- I had mentioned to the doctor a few concerns with Eli.
When Eli wakes up from naps or in the morning, there are times when he will be shaking so bad! For a while, I didn't think much of it- but the more often it happened, the closer I started paying attention..
He will be so shaky and sweaty and upset when he wakes up, that he can't hardly function. I will finally get him to drink his milk/formula- then after about 5 mins, I will get him to eat 1 goldfish or teddy....then after about 10 mins from waking up, he is fine! Happy as can be, no more shaking....
It hit me after a few months of watching this all happen, that MAYBE he has a blood sugar issue?
Diabetes runs STRONGLY in my family.- And I have been worried about it with myself for years (although, I admit, it does not stop me from eating my cookies!!!)
But, everytime I get my blood sugar checked, I have pretty LOW blood sugar.
If I haven't eaten recently, then it will come in around 60-65. If I have eaten (Right after a meal)- it comes in around 100- it doesn't usually get higher than that.
I have known this about myself for a few years now, and I can feel when it starts to get low- it also makes me nervous, because Hypogycemia can turn into diabetes if not properly taken care of.
So, I mentioned this to the Doctor- and it kind of caught her off guard.  She thinks it is too young for a baby to have blood sugar issues, but just in case, she wants us to be sent to a Metabolic specialist.
If it is an issue with blood sugar, we want to catch it before it gets out of control. 
--SO, the Metabolic specialist at Riley called us this afternoon and scheduled an appointment for us.
Which means- more doctors and more visits to Riley.  :(
I'm hoping that this ISN'T a blood sugar issue- but I will say, since I have been keeping an eye on it, we are eating tiny snacks throughout the day- in between meals and before naps- and sipping on milk all day.
So far, it has honestly seemed to be helping-- which is a good and bad thing-- it means that we know how to keep it in control- but it also means there is a good chance he does have blood sugar issues.
Ah, well thank goodness for doctors and specialist.
Other than that, the boys have been great!!!

Mommy made play-dough last week and it was fantastic!

I was looking for a homemade recipe, so if they did eat it, ( Yes, I know my boys well) it wouldn't hurt their little bodies- BUT I was also looking for a recipe that they wouldn't Want to eat!

Here it is! Simple, Quick & Easy Play-Dough!
1 cup Flour
1 cup Water
1/2 cup Salt
1 tsp. Cream of Tarter
food coloring
Mix it all together in a sauce pan. Put on stove on medium heat.
Stir continuosly until the dough starts pulling away from the sides of the pan.
Dump onto counter top and knead the play-dough until it is cool!

Viola! Play-dough!
It is SO salty and both boys tried and tried to eat it, but kept spitting it out! *Success!*
they weren't quite sure what to do with play-dough if you can't eat it though haha.
Picture from this week::
They LOVE feeding mommy and daddy! 
Such sweet boys.


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