Thursday, February 7

Goodbye 1st year...

Well, I obviously missed their birthday on here... but a HUGE Happy 1st Birthday to my twin babies!
The week of their birthday was amazing.
On their birthday, Brad came home early from work. We packed up the boys and took them to Monkey Joes!
They had such a great time!

After Monkey Joes, we took them to IHOP for dinner- which was more for mommy and daddy (so we didn't have to cook!) But, all the waitstaff did come over and sing "Happy Birthday" to the boys!

When we got home, we had little Banana cupcakes ready for the boys to do our birthday celebration with them :)

Friday was busy,busy! Prepping and planning everything for the party!
I will have pictures of the party soon-- but not today..
Here is just 1 picture I was able to snap with my phone::
What a fantastic party with all of our great friends and family!!!

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