Monday, February 18

"Moe" please!

I wanted to share a few pictures from Eli & Blake's 1st birthday party!!!
It was such an amazing afternoon and a HUGE thank you to everyone who made it out to celebrate such a crazy and exciting year!

And, some of mommy's decorations ;)

We had our 1 year Doctor's visit!
Eli is:::   22lb.  30" long
Blake is:::  21lb. 11oz.  29.75" long
Still right with each other!

The entire week they both were sick fighting the stomach flu.  We had 3 nights in a row of vomiting... NOT. FUN.
Those poor boys were exhausted and so were mommy and daddy.
The doctor was shocked that they hadn't really gained any weight..but I figure the puking was the reason.
On top of the stomach bug, we found out that Blake had an ear infection in his right ear :(
This is the first ear infection we have had!

So we are on Amoxicillin and tylenol (for the pain).
It's amazing to watch these boys change SO much in such a short period of time!
*Right around 11-12 months, they started pointing at, at almost 13 months, they are starting to use the pointing technique to actually let us know what they want!
*Around 11 1/2 months, we started using forks with they will hold up their fork and hand it to me when they want more food on it!
*When mommy asks one of them to 'pick up the hat and hand it to mommy'.. (So mommy doesn't have to bend over hahaha)-- they will actually pick up the hat and hand it to me!!!
* They are repeating EVERY noise/word they can!  They love when we read our animal book so they can say :: 
"Puppy" - which comes out 'pupp' in a whisper
"Bubbles" -- which sounds like 'Buba'
AND-- they know and use 1 word for the right reason now!!
They can say "More" when they want another bite of snack or another bite of food during a meal!  They will walk over to me and say "Moe" or hold up their fork and say "Moe"  :)
This is one PROUD mama!!!! 
My babies are starting to communicate with me and it's SO exciting!!
Next step is saying 'please' after "Moe" hahaha
Well, there is 1 unfortunate thing that they have learned, or are going through this phase....
It's called:: TANTRUMS.
They are not fun for mommy and daddy- and even less fun for baby (i'm sure!)
Eli is the worst about tantrums.
If I do something he doesn't like, or if he wants something and can't get it...he throws a fit!
He will collapse on the ground and start crying and screaming.
So, it has come to mommy ignoring the tantrum... and I go and play with Blake and as soon as Eli sees that Blake gets to play with mommy- his fit is over and he comes and plays with us.
We have also introduced the 'Time Out' now.
It's obviously not long, I was always told, 1 minute per year of age..So we have a 1 minute time-out.
I am trying really hard to stick with the time-outs at this age. I know that they do not fully understand why mommy is saying 'no' or why mommy isn't letting me run around and making me sit here; but I also know, that sitting on the floor is not hurting them, or 'physical punishment' and i'm hoping that this makes discipling MUCH easier in the future- and we might not have to do punishments when they get older ;) hahahaha 

Here are some pictures from today :)
They look so grown up!! 

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