Monday, November 19

Christmas Time is here!..but first- Thanksgiving!

I cannot believe the Holiday season has begun!
As soon as the Election days were over, it seemed like the very next day they started showing Christmas commercials!
I am a few weeks behind on posts, again, so lets see if I can remember everyting ;)
On November 10th we were invited to Miss Maylee's 1st Birthday party!!
This was our first birthday party we got to go to and we were so excited!

So much fun! Love that little girl :)
I have started trying to snap some Christmas photos of the boys so I can begin editing them for our christmas cards! Here is a little preview- not finished.  It was so fun seeing the boys play with christmas lights!

This weekend was all of My family's Thanksgivings!!
Friday night we packed up and started our 3 hour drive north!
We ran into major construction and traffic which added about 45 minutes onto our drive :(

We got to Aunt Susan's and the boys (who hadn't slept at ALL during the drive) were SO happy to jump around and play! So they stayed up until about 8:30pm- then crashed hard.
Saturday we had Thanksgiving with my dad's side.
Grandpa  and


Grandpa Dexter
Then on Sunday it was my mom's side!
Blake finally discovered that Uncle Leon isn't scary!!

It was super nice having so many young kids to play and entertain the boys!
Brad and I actually got to sit down and eat a whole meal with no babies!!
The boys LOVE cousin Liz and she was so nice to pull Eli and Ella in the wagon!

Ella and Blake got into it over a cup.. Ella's sweet sad face :(
Around 4:30pm we hit the road to start our 3 hour drive home on Sunday.
After about 15 minutes, both Eli and Blake were asleep!

But, they only slept for about 45 minutes.
It was a fast drive home and we thought the boys would pass out as soon as we got home, but they stayed up until 9pm playing!!
I think they were just so happy to be home :)
Happy Monday and  a short work week for all!

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