Thursday, November 29

Ain't No Mountain High Enough!

Eli and Blake had their first eye appointment at Riley Children's Hospital, since they have gotten their glasses- 2 months ago.
I was a nervous wreck.
I was stressed out, freaking out, going crazy in my mind.

All of the scary questions that went through my head 4 months ago, started coming back..
-What if their eye pressure is high again?
-What if the surgery didn't fully help them?
-What if we have to have more surgeries?
......GAh- all the What Ifs could KILL me!
Well, we got to our appointment and the boys were in really good moods! Which always helps me relax a litte- but it was still a ball of nerves.
The nurse quickly checked their pressure readings and it was good news!
Blake's eyes were reading 8 and 12!  (Anything under 15 is AMAZING!)
Eli's eyes were reading 10  and  10!

Couldn't ask for better pressures!
Then the doctor came in. She checked how the prescriptions looked and worked with their eyes- She said the prescriptions still look 100% accurate for both of them - we didn't need knew glasses today- but she did say that we will probably need to get new prescriptions about once a year -as their eyes change.
The doctor we had today was a doctor we hadn't met with yet- she told us that the surgery the boys had received 4 months ago was a new 'state of the art' proceedure.
That usually most facilities are performing a 90degree cleanage on the eye's drainage system, but the surgery for the boys was called a 360.  Meaning they went 360degrees around the "drain". She said the success rate with these 360 surgeries is about 90%- meaning that 90% of the kids that receive this surgery do NOT need to ever have another surgery!!!
AMAZING news!!
Also, she said there is an 80-90% rate in these surgeries of children growing out of glasses.
There is a little boy they are seeing that had this surgery when he was 11 months old.
After the surgery, he was given glasses with about the same prescription as Blake .. a -5.  As of today, that little boy is 6 years old and no longer has to have glasses!! 
So, not only have our boys' eyes been saved- and they are able to see the world like the rest of us, but there is a huge chance they might not need glasses when they get older!
How incredible.

At first we were worried about our babies being blind.
Now we are disscussing the possibility of not needing glasses for the rest of their lives.
I really can't stop smiling and crying! From this news!
Here are the boys waiting on the doctor!
I can't believe how identical they look!
Can you guess who is who??

Oh my little Ladies Man!
Such a cutie ;)

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