Sunday, December 2

Cookies and Santa!

Yet another week has flown by!
This week the boys turned 10 months old!
Hard to believe! As it feels like we just brought them home from the hospital! (I can remember those hours like it really was yesterday.)
On Saturday, I hosted my first 'Cookie Exchange Party'!
I have been planning it for about 1 1/2 months and I was SO excited about it.
We had a great turn out of 10 people.
Each person brought 3 dozen cookies and we went around testing their cookies and everyone voted for whose cookie they thought was the best.

I had Hor D'ouvres out for everyone to snack on
-Pin Wheels
-Sun-Dried Tomato and Basil Cheese Spread & Crackers
Along with those we had;
-Hot Apple Cider
-Hot Chocolate Bar
At the end of the party, everyone got to load up their containers with 2dozen assorted cookies from what everyone else brought!
They were all so delicious!

It was a HUGE sugar rush-- I think maybe next year, we will set the cookies out and allow everyone to 'snack' on them- but not have to try each one to pick a winner. That was just a little too much sugar (I can't believe I just said 'too much sugar!')
It was really nice hanging out with friends and meeting new ones!
Today,Sunday, the weather had a high of 62-ish . We figured it will probably be the last decent/warm weekend this year, so we took advantage of it and made plans to go to Christmas At The Zoo!!
I have never been, and Brad hasn't been since he was a lot younger- we were so excited to take the boys to look at all the lights!

We were definitely blessed with the weather! The boys didn't need to wear hats, gloves..ect.. and Brad and I barely needed to wear jackets! Gorgeous night!
Can't tell if they boys are looking at the lights or the Flamingos in the background!
Daddy pulling the wagon :)
Blake and Daddy looking at the Reindeer!

Oh Yes-- That is a BIG tiger.. and the boys LOVED him! :)

....Let's find Santa!!!


This is the 'Official' Picture from the Zoo photographer.
He was such a great Santa! He sat there and talked to the boys and asked them questions and tried to give them a candy cane and chocolate...haha. Tried.
**Oh and the beard was REAL!**
Such an amazing weekend! But it just went too fast. I needed 1 more lazy day ;)
Here's a fun Sunday night 'trivia' game::
Who is Who????


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  1. Stopping by and now following. I'm a member of the Mama of Multiples facebook page. I have 7 kids total with 2 set being g/g twins.

    And all those cookies look YUMMY! My diet would've been blown right then.