Thursday, December 13

Doctors and Dinosaurs!

Another week has passed and what a FUN week it has been!
Sunday we took our 'formal' Christmas pictures!
They turned out good! The boys look SO handsome in the outfits their Aunt Suz got them :)
Monday we had our '9 month' Doctor appointment (Yes, we are 10 months old)
Here are the stats::
Eli is 
21 lb. 1 oz.
29.25" long
45.5 cm head circumference
Blake is
21 lb. 2 oz.
29.25" long
46 cm head circumference
So basically, they are identical. Again. :)
They are in the 60th percentile for weight and height (meaning they are taller and weigh more than 60% of boys their age)
And they are in the 85th percentile for their head size!
Everything looked great though and the doctor was shocked they were walking so well and drinking from sippy cups so well.
They got 2 shots -
Hep. B
Flu Shot
That was a rough day for them- we had to skip their morning nap because of when the appointment was scheduled, and with shots on top of sleepiness= not happy babies.
But really, they did great and within 2 minutes of driving down the road, they were asleep!
Wednesday...well. it was AMAZING.
The boys and I met Steph and Maylee at the Children's Museum!!
I have never been before- but I knew the boys would love it.

We met there around 11am- Steph has a membership to the museum and was incredibly kind to let us come with her for FREE.
We had such a great time with those girls!

When we got to a room that our kiddos could play in, I took the boys out of the wagon and they both RAN in opposite directions.  I was shocked.
I thought they would stand still for a minute to take it all in- or they would stick together so they would have some comfort in each other... I.WAS.WRONG.
They wanted to run, play, chew and watch EVERYTHING.
I was having a blast just watching them explore!

Just a few shots of the boys exploring with miss Maylee :)
Gosh it was such a fun and amazing day!
We really can't thank Steph for letting us go with them!
 If you look close, you can see that little boy running away from me!
Some other funnies from this week:
Mommy filled up the pack-n-play with balls!!!

Blake has learned his first word!!!
We kept saying 'hot' when he was trying to touch outlets and christmas light bulbs and the oven..ect..
So now he says 'hot' a lot!
We went to the library tonight (thursday) and a little girl was playing there. Blake walked over to her, sat down right next to her and said 'hot'.  HAHAHA  

He loves to say that word!! It's so cute and so amazing listening to your baby understand and speak to you! Melts my heart and makes me smile so big.  <3


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