Thursday, December 20

'Twas The Week Before Christmas

..And all through the house, Not a creature was sitting still-especially not the mouse.
Yes, now that the boys are 'skilled' walkers (been walking for about 3 1/2 weeks), they have figured out how to DESTROY our house.
We haven't put any cabinet locks in our kitchen- we don't really see the need.
They boys Love to pull all of our tupperware out and play with the pots and pans - besides the occasional pinched finger, there hasn't been any issues, so we will let them have their fun!
Since last week was such a busy week with appointments and play dates, I decided to keep this week pretty lazy and enjoy time in our house before the Holiday craziness begins.
Sunday we had breakfast with Grandma & Grandpa! They boys are such good eaters that it is so easy to take them out to eat with us now!
They sat for over an hour and ate an entire Pancake, 1 scrambled egg and 1 banana!
Granpa and his boys :)
This week I have an order of 15 Pumpkin Rolls!
As of right now, I have finished 10 of them.
Our plans coming up::
Friday night Brad and I are going out! We are celebrating his Momma's Birthday! So my momma will be babysitting :)
Saturday is 1 more day of relaxing- finishing presents and making our dishes to take to our christmases.

Sunday is Christmas with Brad's family.
Monday is Christmas with my family.
Tuesday is Christmas in Ohio
then Friday night we will be driving to my extended family Christmas for the weekend!
It's going to be a LOooong 7 days- but I can't wait for the boys to open their Christmas presents from 'santa'!!
Blake hasn't been taking his morning nap these past 2 days.  He seems to think he is all grown up :)
It's nice that they are capable of staying up for 6 hours without a nap, but I'm already missing the time to get stuff cleaned, made, and taking a shower!!
Well, it's lunch time for the boys!

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