Tuesday, January 1

Holidays. Round 1.

Well, Christmas is officially over and what a Wild and Crazy week it was!
Saturday night we drove around looking at Christmas lights with my mom and sister.  One of my favorite traditions!! :)

Sunday we spent the entire day with Brad's family. The boys were just starting their sickness/colds, so we had a little moody-ness starting. But they still did great and it was so nice to see everyone! We drove home that night so the boys would be able to get a good night's sleep in their own bed.
-Brad's parents got the boys a HUGE box of toys that are all staying at their house! Doesn't get much better than that! Toys to play with, but they won't take over our hosue! Harley Davidson Hoodies, and shoes!-


Monday (Christmas Eve) We spent the entire day at my momma's house. Boys still weren't feeling very good- so before bedtime we packed up and went home- again, to get a long sleep in their own beds- hoping they had enough energy to push through 1 more Christmas!
-My mom got them some adorable outfits, some super fun 'big boy' toys- a Rock 'n Roll Trike and baseball/bat game, and their very first tooth burshes!! (they both think it is so much fun to brush their teeth!)  Aunt Suz got them lots of awesome outfits too and 5 pairs of shoes EACH! She also got them a super cool Little Peoples Carnival toy.

Tuesday (Christmas Day) The boys woke up around 7:45am- they ate breakfast and we let them open their presents from mommy & daddy!
-Mommy & Daddy got them their own little lounge chairs and a HUGE pack of Mega Blocks Legos!

By 9:20am we had everything packed in the car and hit the road for our 3 hour drive to Ohio! We spent Christmas day with Brad's Grandma (His dad's side)  It was a great day!  For the boys still having their nasty colds, they did so good! They at a lot of good Christmas foods- they played hard- running around pulling tissue paper out of bags and took a nice nap :)
We hit the road to head home around 5:30-6pm.
By the time we got home (9pm) The boys were OVER car rides. We asked a lot from them -especially after 2 full days before this long day!


To Be Continued........

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