Tuesday, January 1

Holidays. Round 2.

On Saturday 12/30- we drove up to northern Indiana- another 3 hour drive!
My mom's family was having our Christmas.
Boys were still sick but still did so great!


Such a great picture with Great Grandma & Grandpa!
After this Christmas get-together, we drove over to my dad's house for the evening.

We drove back home Sunday morning and the boys both seemed to be over the nasty sickness and were SO happy to be home!!

Then we got a surprise visit from Uncle Eric!!
A lot has happened in this last month.
The boys have become master walkers- just about running now.
They are also masters at mimicking! We can stick our tongue out and they will do it back. If Daddy says 'ho ho ho', they will do their best to say it back. -So cute.
They are really starting to show their personalities- which were really obvious during christmas time being around other kids their age.
They are also trying to hard to talk to us! They are starting to change their vocal noises..like when they are trying to ask a question..their voice inflection goes up.. it's so adorable. They are such big kids!!
They are officially 11 months old and I am frantically trying to finalize everything for their 1st birthday party!!
I'm pretty sure we are going through a growth spurt right now- Eli is for sure..
He is SO whiny/cranky almost all day long- today Brad figured out his problem! He is HUNGRY.
After we have a meal, within 30 mins he is crying... and won't stop crying until he gets to eat more.
These kids are going to dry up our savings account just with food!
I'm just glad we figured out why he was so grouchy!
It has gotten a lot more difficult as they get older, to tell what is wrong with them.
They are so mobile and can play/go wherever they want, so they get distracted when something is wrong- so their anger/whines get delayed which makes it so hard to tell what caused the issue!
What a fantastic and crazy holiday season! I can't wait to get to their 1st birthday though!!!

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