Tuesday, January 29

Back Track and look forward

It's been 10 whole days since I have updated this blog.
Each day seems to get shorter and shorter, and I seem to get more exhausted too!
So I left off at the week of January 7th-
Wednesday Jan. 9th, I took the boys to my mom's house and dropped them off for the day!
 I came home and had a LOT to do.  I had do bake and prep for 2 cakes for the coming weekend and I wanted to clean our house from top to bottom!
I ended up getting all of the boys' 12 month clothes all packed up and got their 18month clothes down from the attic. (Sounds easy, but it actually a big project!!)
I vacuumed every inch of our house, I moved Blake's crib down to the lowest level ( I can tell those boys are getting very close to climbing out of their cribs!)
I re-arranged their room, so there is more room for them to play. And I scrubbed our windows like crazy.

The first cake I had this weekend, was for our neighbor girl's 2nd birthday.

"Cute As A Button"

The second cake I had was Brad's 27th birthday cake!!
His birthday was on Saturday and also the same day as his company's Christmas party!
So, my mom came over in the early afternoon so brad and I could leave and have an ENTIRE afternoon/evening alone to party and enjoy the christmas party!
It was held at Dave & Buster's and was SO MUCH FUN!

Chocolate Cake with Peanut Butter Mousse Filling- iced in Chocolate Ganache
Some fun pictures of the boys::
- Mommy and Daddy relaxing while the boys play together

And the flour mess.......

 My babies are so big!!
Their FAVORITE toy is their ball pit!

We love bedtime books with Daddy.
The boys are growing like weeks, and last week, they were 22lb. each and 30" long!
They have grown 10" in 1 year!!

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