Monday, January 7

Starting our 11th month

Finishing off the first week of the New Year wouldn't be complete without 1 more sickness!
Blake got a nasty fever starting around midnight Wednesday( Jan. 2nd) night.  He was acting totally normal during the days, but kept waking up really early from naps crying so hard. Consistantly had a fever of about 101- so we gave him some motrin.
On Friday he still had his fever, so I called the doctor before the weekend-- of course, they were totally booked and couldn't get us in before 5pm. :(
So, Brad stayed home with Eli and mommy took Blake to an Urgent Care - to make sure there was no ear infection or flu signs.
Pretty sure that doctor was a wack-job. But he gave me a 'script for Amoxicillin.  I didn't have time to get it filled before bedtime, so we gave him 1 more dose of motrin and sent Blake to bed.
By the time he woke up in the morning, he was totally normal! No fever and was eating solid foods again! So, we have a full bottle of drugs and no sick child to give it too --Oh well, better safe than sorry!
Since our lives have been so hectic these past few weeks- we were as lazy as possible this week.
I kept the boys on a super good schedule trying to get their lives as regular as possible.
Brad has started our closet/bathroom door project!
We are taking out the 2 doors and putting in pocket doors! I'm SO Excited- but it sure is nerve-wracking having an entire wall ripped out of your bedroom!
After this big project is done, we are only left with small items that we would like to fix in our house! Hoping, hoping to be able to sell/move in 2013- We are out of space in this little house!
Today, Monday, I have a job interview!
Money has gotten incredibly tight in our house. Brad's job always cuts back hours in the winter time and since we have gotten health insurance added on, it's even smaller!
So to try to help make ends-meet, I am looking for a part-time evening job.
Today the interview is at a hospital- we'll see how it goes! It's been over a year since i've had a 'normal' job- but i'm pretty sure that my current job has kept me 'in shape' ;)
I CANNOT believe the boys are 11 months old already!!
I have been working my booty off for the past month or so, to figure out a lot of details of their 1st birthday party!
What did people do before Pinterest???
It has given me such great ideas and SUPER money-saving tips on throwing an amazing party!
I finished their invitations last night and will be mailing them out this week.
And last week, we finalized the location of the party!!

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