Sunday, November 25

Sickness Is Not a Family's Friend.

Well, when we got home from our trip up north Sunday, we knew Blake hadn't been feeling too good, but the worst was still to come.
That Sunday night, he didn't drink anything from his bottle before bed- and still slept all night long.
He was really clingy Monday morning, I didn't think much about it, but when they woke up from their nap- Blake puked ALL over me. I had to quickly put Eli in his high chair with some food- while Blake continued to vomit all down my front. :(
Poor guy was miserable.
Luckly that was the only time he threw up- but, we found out this sickness was contagious!
Wednesday morning around 5am I woke up super sick- throwing up...Brad still had to go to work so I called my mama  and she came right over! -When you feel like crap, it's almost impossible to deal with 2 little boys.
My mom let me nap almost all day while she took care of the boys- then around 1pm, Brad came home...Sick.
(Grammy making Blake feel better)
Out of all the sickness in our house, THANKFULLY, Eli never once got sick.  I'm not sure how he managed that, but it's a miracle!!
It was only a 24 hour bug, and by Thanksgiving morning brad and I woke up, at breakfast and made our dishes to take to his family's Thanksgiving.
We had thanksgiving at Brad's cousins house and it was so great! The boys had a lot of fun playing with all of their cousins before lunch time ..

Once it was time to eat, it was also time for the boys to take a nap.
Brad and I put them down for a nap and we were able to eat our thanksgiving meal and hang out with family.  :)

Both boys have learned a few new tricks the past week!
Blake has learned how to share! He loves feeding Brad and I his animal crackers and if you ask him to give you a toy, he will put it in your hand!  Soo sweet :)
Also, if you put your hand up to his mouth, he will hold out a note so you can make the 'indian' noise hahah.
Eli has learned how to growl at Winny- it is so funny!
He is also really good at making the 'indian' noise on his own now- and he can wave 'bye-bye'!!
I will post the videos as soon as I can.
They are learning so quick!

They are also constantly walking around now.  I'm thinking by Christmas they will have it down well enough that they might be walking full-time :)
Boys just woke up from their nap!
Bye for now!


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