Tuesday, October 23

October Fly-By

I can't believe how fast this month is going. I know it has been a few weeks since I have last update you all on the boys and i'm so sorry!
It seems like everyday the boys get more active and busy and I get more exhausted!
So, let's see;:
2 weekends ago;  October 14th
We drove down to Martinsville for their annual Fall Foiliage Festival!
We go every year and hang out with TONs of great friends! Brad was on-call for work, so we were lucky enough that he is able to drive his work truck while he is on-call, so we packed up the boys' car seats in his truck!
We got to M-ville around noon- just in time to grab some food and head out to watch the parade!
While eating, our friends child was on the floor eating..and the poor kid didn't know what was coming. Blake and Eli zoomed over to him and double teamed him. Blake grabbed his hot dog and Eli grabbed his banana.. :-/   And yes, we fed the boys right before we got there! It was 2 against 1 for the food, and I hate to say, but our boys won.
Watching the parade was so great! It was the boys' first parade and they did so good! Brad and I both expected them to freak out with the sirens and loud noises..but they had so much fun!
Every time a marching band passed us, they sat staring at them and bouncing up and down :)

They LOVED these wicker rocking chairs!
They rocked themselves and were laughing so hard!
(Thanks Chaplin's for the pictures!)
What a great day!
The following week was Brad and my 2nd wedding anniversary!
We couldn't do anything super special that evening- plus Brad was playing in Pacer's drumline that night.. but Brad did surprise me during the day!
Beautiful flowers!! :)
Other than the anniversary, our week was pretty low key.
they love reading books!
This past weekend, Brad parents took the boys for us and my mom took Winny for us and Brad and I were able to get away from life for 24 hours!
We took a trip down to Brown County. We reserved a camp site and went camping for the night!
It was 'peak season' for the tree colors down there and it was BEAUTIFUL.
We spent all day saturday walking around the shops and art festival. Ate a late lunch and headed back to our camp site to set up our tent.
Then we headed back out to do more exploring.
We walked and walked, drank hot apple cider and walked some more!
It was just so relaxing to be able to take your time in stores and not worry about rushing home for nap time or feeding- or having to leave because you have fussy babies.. *sigh*
We roasted hot dogs and smores for dinner and just hung out under the stars for the night!
It was FREEZING but luckily we packed heavily in the blanket department :)
In the morning we woke up to the sunrise- (later than 5:30!!haha)
and grabbed some yummy breakfast.
After breakfast we came back and went Zip Lining!
OMG so scary! I was shaking so hard..but it was such a thrill!
Brad loved it more than me- which really surprised me!

We packed up our tent after the zip lining and headed back to reality.
I think Brad's parents really liked having the boys for such a long period of time, but they looked EXHAUSTED when we left!

It is kind of nice now that someone knows what my 'job' entails everyday. I know a lot of people think I just get to sit around and play all day...but it isn't quite that simple ;)
Both Eli and Blake have 6 teeth now! They have 4 top teeth and 2 bottom teeth!
They eat EVERYTHING. And are starting to get really good at using sippy cups!
We have really been working on walking and both boys have taken a lot of steps on their own!
We get the to stand up and let go-- they stand up so well on their own! Then they slowly take a step!
Both of them have now taken 2 steps in a rown on their own!-followed by falling on their butt haha.

But they are sooo close!
 It is so much fun watching them learn how to put one foot in front of the other! I know i'm really in trouble once they pick it up.... We will be spending as much time as possible outside haha.
Whew! And now October is almost over except for the most exciting holiday!
I can't wait to show you all the boys in their costumes!

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