Sunday, October 7

Weekend Fun

This weekend has been so fantastic!
Saturday we went out to Beasley's Orchard.
It was their big Fall Festival, so we picked up my mom and packed up the boys to have some fun!

We had such a great time! It was so nice to be out with the boys all afternoon and not have to worry about the sun or their eyes.
They LOVED looking around at everything!
It is also so nice to have pictures of the boys OUTSIDE.  Almost every picture of the boys we have are of them being inside because of their eyes.
It was just the perfect afternoon.
 It has been SO cold out recently, but we still love to take the boys on their daily wagon rides around the neighborhood!
We get super bundled up and they still love it! Even with cold cheeks :)


These boys LOVE walking around too! I can't believe they are only 8 months for how much they are walking around!
They just recently started walking together with their walker and I thought it was so sweet!

And bathtime is the most fun!
They have such a blast splashing and crawling in the water!
Today, Brad's momma came up and relieved us from our parenting duties for a few hours!
Brad and I got to leave and eat lunch, walk around a gardening shop, do a little more shopping that we wanted to do. - You know, the things we used to do everyday before we had kids ;)
The boys are SUPER chatty now! They are getting louder and louder and talking more and more. They stand up all the time - not holding on to Anything!
And, as of the 8 month mark, I made a big decision.
We have stopped eating most of our jar baby food/ purees.
The boys are officially eating adult food, human food, ANY food.
Mac & Cheese
Mashed Potatoes
Grilled Cheese
Green Beans
Ritz Crackers
Oatmeal with Cinnamon
We keep trying meats, but they really do not like them.
They don't even want to eat off a spoon anymore- they only want to feed themselves!
Such big boys! Sometimes I feel like they are more like 10-11 month olds!
ALSO_- As of today, Blake has 4 top teeth! He has 6 teeth in that little mouth of his!
So  much happening in such little bodies!
Happy Sunday!

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