Thursday, October 25

My Kissing Babes


I was pretty excited when the boys learned to crawl. And was really happy when they learned to stand up on their own.. but this one made me CRY!

For about 2 days I kept asking the boys to give me a kiss- and up until now, they always would push my face away and turn their head.. (Typical boys!)
BUT, as of yesterday, when you say 'Give me a kiss'... they open their mouth and lean in toward your lips!! SOOOOOO Amazing! They have done it for me, brad and my mom!

It's so so exciting! They are able to connect a word to an action, they repeat it whenever I say it, it is like they are communicating with us now!
WOW- I can't stop smiling when they do this!!


I LOVE Halloween!!
I think it is so much fun that an entire holiday is based around candy and pretending to be someone/something you're not!
So, here they are! Pumpkin Cookies!
Granted, they are not pumpkin flavor, just good-ole Sugar cookies, but it doesn't make them any less delicious!
This week has been so fun!
The boys have been great and we have found so many new things to do each day!
Monday, we put on our Halloween costumes and did a 'test' run in them!
I was able to get tons of adorable pictures in a pumpkin patch!
Here is a little preview::
Tuesday, was a rainy rainy day- from about 7:30am-3pm.
Because of the rain, the boys and I were trapped inside ALL day.
But, we managed to find some things to keep us entertained!
Walker Races!! -It takes just as long to set them up and keep them at the 'starting line' as it does for them to walk across the living room! But it is totally worth it - at least for me :)
Wednesday, I took the boys to the Library!
they LOVED how open it was and they were able to crawl and walk all over the place!
They also made a few friends :D
At the library, I decided to get 3 Disney movies and to have a Disney marathon with the boys!
So, we watched Pocahontas while we ate lunch!
This is the outcome of Mommy singing a song from Pocahontas.
Not. Impressed.  -- But they were in love with mommy's Ziti!

Thursday we went to the Park with Grammy Pammy!

They were having SO much fun swinging!!

Tomorrow, Friday, is going to be a prett quiet day, which I think we all need!
Happy Thursday!


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