Tuesday, October 2

8 Months!!

Happy 8 Month Birthday!!!!!
I know I say it all the time, but I cannot believe they are already 8 months old!
Only 4 months till their first birthday! I better get planning for that party ;)
Not a lot of new 'milestones' have happened these past few weeks.
They are practically running across the living room- they will stand up behind the walker and take off! It's so much fun to watch! Hopefully they will be walking around soon!!

One new thing is that we are offically eating table food.
The past 2 weeks or so they just can't seem to get enough to eat..
They are taking 8oz bottles (4 times a day)
and eating 3 jars of baby food each (a day)
So, in order to scale back the formula intake.. we started big-people food!
Sunday they had:
-applesauce/jello and hot dog ( I don't think they loved the hot dog, but they really liked the jello!)
Yesterday I gave them:
-Cinnamon Apple Oatmeal for breakfast
-Mac & Cheese for lunch
-Refried beans and Squash for dinner
They seemed to really enjoy it all! They love chewing up foods -- they are really starting to get frustrated being stuck in their high chairs getting spoon fed- they only want to feed themselves! Such big boys.
Also, we started drinking 1/2 milk, 1/2 formula out of a straw cup.
Blake is really really good at sucking out of a straw and Eli is slowing getting there.
By the end of the day, Blake was a pro at drinking from a straw!
We had such a HUGE weekend this past weekend.
Saturday was Brad's family had a 50th birthday party. We were so proud of the boys.
They slept during the 1hour drive to the party and stayed awake for 5 hours playing and laughing! Hardly ever getting fussy. IMPRESSIVE.
They just started staying up longer and longer this past week.
It is making us change our schedule around to allow them to push themselves longer hours and take their naps down to 1 - 1 1/2 hours.
Sunday my mom drove the boys and I up to goshen to celebrate a 50th birthday in my family!
it was a LONG drive. The boys are not huge fans of being trapped in a car for 3 hours...especially when you add another 3 hours for the drive home.

But, again they did amazing-- 2 days in a row with tons of people, activity and little naps.
They had a little fussiness but all together, they played very nicely and it was so great seeing my family !!!
(Taking a break from the party)
(Wagon ride with cousin Ella!)


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