Tuesday, September 25

This House Has 12 Eyes Now.

What a fast few weeks it has been!
I'm not even sure where I left off..but here are a few major things that have happened:
1. We had a MAJOR Hail storm last week!
It was so wild- but thankfully we didn't have any damage on anything except our grill cover.
2. Since getting our new convertible car seats, Brad has not been able to fit in it very easily-- our seats are pushed so far forward that his knees are hitting the steering wheel.
Well we have been talking about getting a new vehicle- 2 kids with friends, are NOT going to fit into our current car..so we have been thinking about the future
Well the future came QUICK! I'm not sure what happened, but within 4 days, we looked, found, test drove and Purchased a new car! Whew!
Here she is!
2006 Chevy Tahoe!
It's incredible how much space there is inside it!
I'm excited to take trips with the boys in it!
It came fully loaded- Dvd player, leather seats, navigation, sunroof...etc..
We are currently trying to sell our 2 vehicles- so if anyone is interested::
1999 Honda CRV and
2005 Pontiac Grand Prix
Let me know ! ;)
The boys glasses have FINALLY arrived!!
Here are the boys with Daddy -- The day the glasses arrived--
Here are the glasses!!
*Everyone should be able to tell them apart now*
On the Left -(With SILVER glasses)- - Eli
On the Right-(With DARK GREY glasses)- - Blake

Blake and Mommy

Eli and Mommy

 They seem to be doing really well with them!
They are looking at EVERYTHING..and will sometimes just stare at objects.. They aren't even messing with them too much- Thank goodness.
We will see how it goes for a full week.
When I look into their glasses...WOW- these poor boys are blind! I can't see anything when I look through them! I feel so bad they went this long not seeing well..You hear doctors say how bad it is, but you don't really understand until you literally 'look though their eyes'.
They really do seem to be helping already! I will sit across the room and just smile..and they start laughing SO hard! So i'm pretty sure they can see me ;)
I have a great cake coming up this weekend! I'm really looking forward to making it and can't wait to show you all the pictures of it!
Oh-- and As of today; Our family is going Gluten Free for a while. 
We are hoping that it solves all of Brad's swallowing issues, headaches and mouth sores.. But we will see.  It will be very interesting- I think I am more excited about it than he is- but last night we made his PB&Js on GF bread and packed his lunch.  He is stopping his medicine while we try this.
Hopefully it all helps and we will have solved his problems and not need drugs everyday!
If not, we will go back to meds and maybe try something else down the road.
Happy Tuesday!

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