Wednesday, September 19

No Joke.

I can't even count how many times I have written about teething and how many minutes and hours a day I have Thought about teething.
If I haven't said this before... I. HATE. IT.

Teething could be the single thing that makes me not want to have anymore kids...
I can finally feel 2 of Eli's top teeth..So I know they have broken skin, but not all the way through..
I can still only feel 1 of Blake's top- BUT I can see 2 more ready to push he will have 3 top teeth soon.
For those who are not parents, or it has been a long time since you've been a parent, Let's run through exactly what teething does to a baby...
1. They stop drinking all of their formula.. which makes them really hungry, sooner, which makes them cry.
2. They stop eating solids from a spoon.. So they are even more hungry..
3. They can't seem to find the right item to chew on to ease the pain.. *I have seemed to solve this issue... DOG CHEW TOYS.. They are PERFECT. Rubbery, but firm.. I feel like I should give every new mom a dog chew toy at their baby showers...hahaha
3. It Hurts..So they SCREAM... But they usually only do this screaming at bed time.. You are trying to end the day and give them love and cuddles...and all they can do is cry. 
At least this only lasts for the first 1 1/2-2 years.....
So, Eli has been doing this weird screech during the day... We finally realized today he is throwing a little 'temper tantrum'.  Who would have thought that an 8month old would know how to do this..
Unfortunately, with twins...What One does the Other must do.. So it seems like Blake is starting to realize that this tantrum is getting Eli the attention he wants...

So, mommy has to bear down and give them a stearn talking to and letting them know that this attitude is not going to get them anywhere- and as soon as they calm down, mommy will give them attention..

*Obviously I can't just ignore a screeching baby, but my stearn voice seems to quiet them for a minute.. I think, for now, that is enough for me- I believe they slightly understand that this 'tude is not going to be tollerated ...especially 2 'tudes...hahah
-- The title "No Joke" was mostly meant for the Dog Toy part... I'm not joking when I say it is the best teething item..

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