Tuesday, September 18

They Don't Warn Parents..

And here is yet another thing 'they' don't warn you when you become a parent..
Separation Anxiety.
Sounds harmless right?
Just snuggle more, hold more, love on more...

But with two? Wrong.
On top of this newly discovered anxiety, welcome the top teeth pushing through..
These past two days haven't been the easiest in our house.

It's hard, because I feel like every time there is something 'wrong' with the boys, I freak out and feel like something is going on with their eyes...
What used to be a normal baby issue, or normal parental worries, have turned into fears, concern and general 'Freak Outs'. 
I wish I could be more rational.. I wish I could take everything lightly..
But ever since their eye issues, I'm so nervous that they will regress, they will get worse again, their pain will come back, or their pressures will rise again.
I'm trying hard not to have these fears. I'm doing a lot of research (Like I do everyday..) And have read so many other parents saying that right around 8-9months their babies just get WEIRD.
So i'm taking it in stride.. Another phase, another stage, another thing that nobody ever warns you about.
So, for you parents out there that have not reached this age/stage..BEWARE.
It is not very fun... It also doesn't seem very fair for the babies..
Why would God make these poor little tots go through all of this pain physically and mentally??
At the same time!?
Obviously we all make it through and never remember it, but I feel like as a Mother, I will NEVER forget it. haha.
My Mantra::   This Too Shall Pass.

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