Friday, September 7

18 months?!?

What another crazy week!
You would think that these boys are walking - the way i'm having to chase them around!
I haven't been able to sit all week!
Blake will go one direction while i'm entertaining Eli, and next thing you know, you hear a crash and he knocked something else I run over to get him out of trouble, and I hear another noise... Eli pulls all the DVDs off the shelf!
(Uh Oh.....Yes, he pulled that off the shelf himself) lol
My word..  These next few years are going to be NUTS.
I can't even go to the bathroom while they are awake anymore! haha.
We have officially graduated to the Big Boy baths!! They are sitting up on their own in the bath and they LOVE LOVE it!
(Eli did not want his picture taken..he wanted to play with his froggy haha)
They love that they get to play with all of the toys and move around whenever they want to.
It's amazing how smooth they are at catching themselves before they fall or using quick reflexes to grab onto the side of the tub!
I went shopping last night to get more diapers, wipes and sleepers for this winter.
THANK YOU again to everyone who gave us Gift Cards at our Baby shower! I am still using them for our Diapers and Cannot say thank you enough times! You would NOT believe how expensive Diapers for 2 kids are!!
It is so hard to buy clothes for these boys....

We are definitely in 12 & 18 month Onesies...The strange part is that in "outfits" we are still in the 6-9month clothes.. Their pants are still 6months.. My boys have tiny waists! But big bellies :) kids are only 7months old!  I know they are big boys..but not THAT big...Again, these baby companies need to figure it out..
I think they purposly screw with the sizes so you are forced to buy double the clothing..
Which means i'm buying Quadruple?
Anyways, Target has a height chart in the baby I took the sleepers to that and put the footies on the floor and tried to see how tall of kids they would fit...

The 12 month ones were WAY too short... My boys are already 27"+! They were that tall at 6 months!
So, I had to buy 18month Sleepers.. At least I know they will get us through this entire winter.. I ended up getting 4 with feet and a bunch of shirt/pant they will hopefully even get us to next summer!
*So, if anyone decides they would like to buy the boys some clothing... Not asking for it, but just letting you know-- PLEASE do not buy anything smaller than 18months anymore :) Just to be on the safe side!
Blake's teeth...seems like I have been talking about these top teeth for months now *Probably becasue I have been*
I can see the top 4 teeth now! They are pushing through which has made him a not-so-happy kid during naps... But at least I can see them all now and I know that ANY day they will finally bust through and end his pain!
It looks HELLA painful... but super cute too! ;)
They are also LOVING solid/meal times!

They are easily EACH downing a jar of fruits at breakfast, a jar of veggies at lunch and another jar of veggies at dinner... WOW hungry kids. ;)
*When I say "jar" I mean 4oz of my homemade foods...they just don't like store bought purees!*
I have had to change out daily 'routine' quite a bit to accomodate their solid feedings, which is fine, I'm just glad they have taken to it so well!
SO, as of now, Our schedule is::
7am-              Feed 6-7oz bottle
8am-              Feed Fruits
9am-              Nap
10-10:30am- Wake & Play
11am-            Feed 6-7oz bottle
12pm-            Feed Veggies
1pm-              Nap *they haven't been going down till 2ish most days
3pm-4pm-     Wake & Feed 6-7oz Bottle
5pm-              Feed Veggies
6pm-              Bath
6:30-7pm-      Feed 7oz Bedtime Bottle
 It's been working out really well and i've been really pleased with this schedule!
The extra food really seems to help them make it a solid 2-3 hours awake which means no more early nap times.

We tried Meat for the first time yesterday...They HATED it...
a lot.
It was pork, homemade...
They are so good at eating now, they open their mouth, lean in towards me etc...but once they had that meat in their mouth, they were afraid to come back for more! lol
So I put some carrots in their mouth so they would know I wasn't trying to give them more pork...then after about 2 bites of carrots, when I had their trust again, I would feed them another bite of pork...and we started the process over haha!
I'm sure after trying it for a few days they will like it a little better...but as of yesterday, we have some Vegetarians in our house! hehe.
Well, that seems to be all happening in our world.
Today is my little sister's 23rd birthday!!!!!!!
She will be coming to visit this weekend and I can't WAIT to finally spend some time with her!
Miss her so much.  <3


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