Thursday, September 13

Well Behaved Little Boys.

If any of you have babies, you know it's almost impossible to keep a 7 1/2 month old sitting still, sitting in your lap and being quiet.
The sitting still part is the hardest with our boys.
Now that they can crawl, they don't want to be stuck anywhere! Even if it is Mommy's lap :(
So, when you are trying to keep 2 babies calm at a 2 HOUR long Eye appointment..I know it's asking a lot.   And on top of that, I was by myself for this eye appointment.
I was a nervous wreck!
So, this morning, I packed a big bag of toys, a big blanket and lots of snacks.
We headed to Riley's Childrens Hospital for our 8:00am eye check up!
Blake and Eli blew me away! My expectations for them were honestly pretty low.. But my word.
They played on the floor with their toys, they crawled around, they ate snacks and played some more!
They sat still and quiet on my lap for 5 minutes at a time, while the other one played on the floor- then I switched kids..  They gave them drops to dilate their eyes..then we had to wait for 20+ minutes.
Not a single cranky noise out of them! The doctors were blown away too at how well behaved they were!
It really made me happy though, because it gave the doctor almost unlimited time looking into their eye and testing out different lens prescriptions for them- so now we KNOW they got the right prescription..

Yes, that's right.  Today, we had to order BOTH Blake and Eli their glasses.
I am sad-- but really optimistic.

These boys are so perfect and adorable just as they are, I don't want to put junk on their face that will cover up their cute faces....but i'm really hoping that this will help them get better skill at grabbing small foods and will improve their skills at feeding themselves...hopefully they will start walking sooner if they can see all the way across the room.
They both are near-sighted and have astigmatism.
Here are the glasses they will be getting!
I got Blake's pair in dark grey, and Eli's will be a lighter grey/silver.
They should be coming in the mail within the next 2 weeks.
Again, Medicaid is helping us out BIG TIME with paying for these... Even baby glasses are NOT cheap.
Yesterday The boys (And Mommy!) Had a fun playdate!! We drove down to Martinsville to see a little Miss Maylee!
It's so much fun and super interesting to watch Blake and Eli interract with other babies. They still pretty much like to crawl all over each other and beat up on each other. But they were super interested in watching Maylee's moves.  They seem like typical boys, taking Maylee's cute girly toys and banging them on anything they could find ;)
I had such a nice day hanging out with another Adult and FEMALE hahaha. Seems like it has been so long since I have had another mommy to talk to about everything.

It's also super nice that they boys are doing so great that they are able to have these fun days now!
I got some great news from IU Health this week, that our hospital bills officially have a balance of $0.00!!
Such wonderful news for our family, financially.
And, we will actually be getting a small refund from the boys' bills that we had already paid for.
It is literally 100lbs lifted off of Brad and my shoulders. Knowing that we will have the money to buy the food the boys need or clothing they need... it's not much, but not having to pay those hospital bills is a HUGE deal in this house.
I can't believe this week is almost over! Seriously every day is just flying by so fast!
We have now had the boys in their Convertible Car Seats for 1 week now!

They have these massive, cozy recliners as car seats now and you can tell they love them.
Which makes driving so much smoother and happier.

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