Friday, September 7

Top Twin News Stories

There has been a LOT of TWIN attention in the news recently, and I would really like to address these Twin encounters...
#1. Parents of 14 month old Twins handed out snacks and earplugs on plane to 'apologize in advance' to fellow passengers (but after all that they DIDN'T even cry)
                               Honestly, I think this is incredible.  Brilliant in many ways.. How amazing would it be to be of this flight and to know that these parents understand that they are causing some aggrevations and annoyances.  Also, it will probably help get you some nice 'friends' on the a mom of twins, ANY help is appreciated..even just passing a diaper bag, grabbing a toy that got flung, or making it easier to get in and out of a seat in the plane. BUT, I also think it is totally Unnessesary! Babies CRY, Babies SCREAM, Babies get poopy diapers, they get hungry and they don't like being stuck in a stuffy plane with stinky people and ears popping ANYMORE THAN ANY ADULTS... So, if another passenger on the plane got irritated..they are ignorant..
                           Like I said, I do think it is brilliant..make friends, get help... but really? Apologizing for babies is over the top..I don't apologize for having to snack or drink or pee while on a plane...
#2.  Twins using Potty-training chairs at table at a Restaurant in Utah.
OK, W.T.F. 
Although I have not had to go through the potty-training process, I do understand that I will probably be using any means to get my twins potty trained. I understand twins are stressful and you do what you have to do to keep kids happy and get Sh*t done...
But Really?!?
Who in their right God-given mind would not just take the kids' potty-training chairs to a restaurant, but USE THEM AT THE TABLE!!!!!!!!
I can probaby quarantee that the mother of these kids doesn't take her dinner into the bathroom with her and take a dump while eating...So why the heck would she make her kids??
Not only that, but now she is making the Public eat their meals while smelling her kids taking a dump!
Sanitary much?
It really makes you want to vomit just thinking about seeing this happen at a table next to you..
Whatever happened to "No Shirt, No Shoes, No Service"?
What about no clothes period????
I'm hoping that CPS took a hard look at this mom and is making sure she isn't taking other parts of parenting to an extreme..
**I do have a second issue with this story.. WHY would another guest of this restaurant and on-looker of this horrendous act, sit there and SNAP A PHOTO OF A NAKED BABY!!?
Is this not considered child pornography ?
They couldn't just call someone..they had to take a photo?...ew. Just Ew.

#3.  This is the best Twin story of the week!  11 month old Twins dance to their Dad's guitar playing!
Simply put... TWINS ROCK.
And I am reminded of this EVERYDAY with my boys!

These little girls are awesome and adorable..but one out world..
The Waits Twins are coming!!
Happy Friday!


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