Monday, September 17

So Much So Fast!

Recently it feels like Blake and Eli are learning a new skill everyday!
They figured out how to use their Thumb and Pointer Finger (The Pincer Grasp) And are feeding themselves the little 'puffs' and yogurt 'drops'.
It's so much fun to watch them pop little bites of food in their mouths!
Every time they got a piece of food in their mouth, I would clap my hands and say 'Yaaaay'.
Well after about 2 days of clapping and saying 'Yay', Blake figured out how to clap!
He is now clapping all day long! And if you say 'Yaaay' why he is clapping he gets the BIGGEST grin on his face and almost falls over, he is so excited!
Eli now stands up on the walker and just takes off walking! Without anyone helping or pushing the walker...Scary! That kid will fly across the living room without any help! Is that normal? A 7 1/2 month old walking only with the walker? 
This weekend we took the boys to their first Farmer's Market!
We walked around for 1 1/2 hours! They were so great and loved every minute of it!
Each day I seem to find a new bruise on their legs..they crawl and stand and fall...then crawl and stand and fall..and they love it!

They also officially respond to their name.  I can't imagine how confusing it is to have 2 different names being said all day long, but they are finally figuring out who is who (I think)- along with that, if we tell them 'No' or the 'Come here' they are starting to understand and after saying it a few times they will listen!
We went on our first wagon ride today! 
They loved it! Such big boys! They held onto the sides and eventually got brave and let go :) They were looking around and taking in the outdoors!
Blake has his top 2 teeth and Eli has 1 of his top teeth! FINALLY FINALLY!!!!
I can't wait till they get bigger -- they will be so darn cute ;)

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