Monday, June 18

20 Weeks...Already?!?

It's Unreal how fast these weeks go by!- I can't even believe it's been almost a week since I wrote my last post on here!

The boys turn 20 weeks old this week! It's so crazy!
So what's new::

*The boys are able to stand up on their own while they hold on the something (chair,bar...).
* Holding their hands, they are taking steps!! (I can only imagine how quick the day will come when they are walking on their own!)
*They are CONSTANTLY rolling basically we stopped trying to prevent in at night. They are FINALLY o.k. with sleeping on either their tummy or back

This past week has been a little rough-- SUPER fussy, SUPER tired and their appetite is back to 10oz bottles again! Which means more feedings of solid foods, and longer naps and LOTS of Baby Orajel.

For new parent or parents who haven't had to go through teething..I HIGHLY reccomend getting a tube of this miracle goop.

*There have been some reports on the dangers of using Orajel.. I have read a lot about what the warnings are about..
Apparently, if the Gel gets down into the baby's throat, they numbing will cause them to stop breathing... SCARY.     So, Please Please be careful when using this.. Only use a tiny tiny it in good and get all the 'chunks' that are floating around- out of their mouth. *

I will say even after reading all of the horror stories, I will still praise the gel and continue to use it.. Without it, I would probably be crying all day long.

So, I'm expecting teeth any day now! :D

A lot of people have been asking me how the world I have gotten my twin boys on the same schedule and how they are sleeping 12 hours every night.

Well, I have talked breifly about it before, but I Swear by the book
"The Baby Sleep Solution" (12hours of Sleep by 12 weeks old)
by, Suzy Giordano

You really need to read and almost take notes on it as you read, to fully understand the concept.
For starters, you need to believe in the 'Pause'.
If your baby is crying at night, WAIT/PAUSE. Watch the clock for 5 minutes.
If after 5 minutes he is still screaming, go in (don't pick him up) calm him down-- the book gives methods of calming down.
Follow this process each night, once he learns to calm in 5 mins, each night gets easier and easier and he will cry less and less.
Once the baby learns to 'self-soothe' then you can start trying to slowly take away his night time feedings.
In a quick overview, you take away 1/2 oz. at each night time feed. When you take the 1/2oz away, you need to give that 1/2oz to him during the day so he is still getting all of the calories he needs in a 24hr period.
ONCE you take the 1/2oz away at night, you NEVER give him more than that amount.. after 3 days of this new-less- amount, you drop it another 1/2oz- remembering to again add  that to one of his day time feeds...until you are down to No more feeds at night!

Also, it depends GREATLY on a daytime routine. The baby needs to be eating every 4 hours.
My schedule:: (This has been altered from the book for what works for my boys)
Wake ------6:30-7am
Feed -----7am-7:30ish
Play -----7:30-8:30am
Nap -----8:30-11ish
Wake -----11-11:30am
Feed ------11-11:30am
Play ------11:30-1pm
Nap -----1pm-3pm
Wake -----3-3:30ish
Feed -----3-3:30pm
Play -----3:30-6pm
Bath (every other night)----- 6pm-6:30
Feed (with cereal)----- 6:30
Bed -----7pm

**A 'Cat-nap' usually happens around 4:30-5pm- -only lasts about 1/2hr- 45 mins (depending on the boys' moods)**

Again, this is just a quick overview, this book was my bible for about 2-3 weeks while we got the boys on this schedule and took away the night feeds.

 Happy Monday!
Here is a great picture of how teething is treating us::

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