Sunday, June 24

Ten Thousand Spoons... When all you need is.....

......One that Works!!!

Baby utensils are CRAZY. 
Everyone promises this brand works, don't use this brand it's bad for the baby, this one hurts the baby's gums, this one is good for reaching into the jars..ect...

Well, as a mom of twins, most of the spoons single babies can use, don't work as well. This might sound really crazy, a baby is a baby..even if there is 2, right?... WRONG.
Trying to feed TWO babies at the same time, messy pureed baby food is NOT easy.

So, since we have been feeding the boys solids for almost 2 months now, here are a few tricks I have found:

1. BEABA Spoons are Wonderful! (for every baby!)
I have found these spoons at Williams Sonoma and Target..I'm sure they are available many other places.  
*When starting solids, I tried a few types of spoons and the boys took to this spoon instantly!

This little Gem....It might look Crazy.

But when you are trying to feed 2 kids at one time, it's so so hard (not impossible, because I did it for a month!) to dip the spoon in the food and feed one kid, then quickly dip the spoon in the food and feed the other kid, it's like you are running in circles, for little reward..
So, this Boon Spoon holds about 3oz. of baby food in the handle!-- It's a soft rubbery material. You just screw the spoon part onto the handle, and you can easily slowly squeeze the food onto the spoon base!

So holding two of these at once (and becoming ambidextrous) is amazingly easy! I will tell you that the spoon base is NOT the soft rubber like the BEABA is a harder plastic, but my boys don't seem to mind too much, as long as they get food! :)

This weekend was incredibly busy, but so much fun!!
My mom and I had a garage sale friday, so the boys and I hung out with her and I was so proud of Blake and Eli! They didn't freak out at all, they played nice and quietly in the garage with their toys, they were such little gems!
Then Saturday Suz and Kenny added to the garage sale, so we got to spend ALL day with them!!! I've missed them so much.
You don't realize how similar you are to your sister until you hang out all day with her! I love her and kenny and I can't wait till we all get to hang out again! 
It makes me smile so much, when I watch how much she Loves her nephews!! <3

We even went swimming !! **The boys still hate swimming, hopefully if we keep working on it, the will learn to love it :)

And, in other big news...   Eli is Sitting up on his own! Not for long periods of time, of course,  but long enough that we are able to take a bunch of pictures!!  Not even 5 months old and my little boy is sitting!!--He's getting really good at holding his own bottle now too..which makes me job easier and easier :)

These past few weeks have been pretty odd here... they boys have been taking 2 naps a day, each nap is 3 hours long! It's unreal.  Do you know how much I can get done in 3 hours! Then I have the second nap to read or take a nap myself! 
But just this weekend they started waking up after just 2 hours, they are playing so much more , talking so much more, and they are all around happier now!
We did have a little 'cat nap' that they took at 5pm, but this past week we have been able to lay them on the floor, cover them with a blanket and turn off the overhead light.. they don't fall asleep but they have been calming down and having 'quiet time'.  It makes them feel so much better just to calm down and take all of the stimulation away..and they are able to make it 2 more hours before bedtime!

My little guys are growing up!!
Have a wonderful week and stay cool! It supposed to get super close to 100 degrees this week here!

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