Friday, June 29

Craigslist For Dummies.

Brad and I have periodically purchased items off of craigslist before- mostly for ourselves- but now that we have 2 babies to buy things for it's like a whole new world of cheap items for us!

Last night I bought 2 items from 2 different people- which means that I drove all over hendricks co. haha. But, totally worth it!

First I bought a Baby Genius Jumper-- We already had 1 which was very generously given to us at our baby shower! But, once we realized just how much the boys love it and how nice it is when our hands are full, we decided we really needed to have another one!

These things take up SO much space.. but wow do they entertain! You can hang all of those colorful rings from all of the loops and it rises up 4 different height stages so they should be able to use these for another year!   They usually run around $80-$90..I got mine for $40!!
Had to sanitize the junk out of it.. but worth it :)

The next item I bought, was a Bumbo seat! I'm sure almost everyone has heard about these seats.. I NEVER thought I would purchase one of these seats...EVER.   If you don't know, these seats run   $40-$50 depending on what store you go to, and these dumb seats are made of FOAM...  i'm guessing they are making about a 200% profit on these things..

So last night I found one on Craigslist for $20..WITH the tray (which is usually an extra $10).

I know many people are not fans of craigslist becasue of the dirty,used, who-knows-where-they've-been  items..  since i've had the boys I have become a Sanitizing FREAK.
I used Lysol disinfecting wipes all over these new purchases and then I sprayed
Clorox Disinfecting Leave-on Spray. 

Just thought I would promote craigslist and the Used Items you can purchase and save a ton of money!

I made a new 'treat' this afternoon during the boys' nap.

Breaded Mushrooms

So easy, way healthier than fried!

Button Mushrooms
2 eggs, beaten
Italian Breadcrumbs
Grated Parmesan Cheese

Roll the mushrooms in the egg. Then roll in the breadcrumb/cheese mixed together.
Place on a baking sheet and bake at 400degrees for about 15 mins.
Dip in Ranch!

Good little snack/appetizer! Quick and easy  :)

 A Little Tip::  To clean mushrooms, do not wash Mushrooms with water. To clean, use a dry papertowel and wipe off.  That's the best way to keep the mushrooms from getting soggy and gross.

Hope everyone has a great weekend!

P.S.  Eli's first tooth has pushed through!! It's very tiny still, but we can see it :)
HAPPY 5 MONTH BIRTHDAY to my boys!!!!

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