Monday, June 11

Play Date

 We are officially 19 weeks old!

We had our first 'Real' playdate this weekend! I was so impressed with the boys. Sunday morning we woke up and fed them, left right at their nap time to drive about an hour away.
Got to Brad's parents house and they wanted to go back down for a nap. So they slept 2 hours- woke up and ate.
We then headed to a friend's house for lunch and a playdate. They played so well with all of the toys and we had such a great time with miss maylee.
The boys took another 2 hour nap- all while we played with maylee before her nap :)
Maylee is such a big girl! Starting to walk and eating big girl foods--

I cannot WAIT for our boys to be so active and feeding themselves. I know we will be on the run a lot more, but it will take a lot more stress off of me during the days with them helping themselves more.
After the boys woke up they ate and we left for a graduation party!
It was so great seeing everyone this weekend- but mostly I cannot believe how amazing the boys were- calm, on schedule, active and happy boys! It made me such a proud mommy to see that each day gets better and better :)

Clearly my boys were THRILLED to be taking picture after picture! haha.

I can't wait to get this week started! Father's day is coming up which means Brad will be home all weekend!

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