Sunday, June 3

4 Months Old......and Teething??



I have just 1 question...
Since humans have been alive for how many years... why do we STILL not have better answers, clearer resolutions, or even basic Yes or No answers to help our babies?!

Everything the comes with having a baby is trial and error! And it SUCKS.

WHY do we have to wait and see if something hurts their belly.
WHY do we have to wait at least 3 days to see if they will get an allergy
WHY can't we get a definite answer if they are teething
WHY can't anyone tell us ANYTHING!

As a Mom, I just want to help my babies feel 100%- and when they are super fussy and unhappy, that is obviously not happening-- but no one knows what is wrong.

I have a strong strong feeling that the boys have started the teething process this week.
Reasons Why I think this::

-They have been incredibly fussy
-They used to eat 10oz, then all of the sudden they are only taking 5-6 oz.
-They have been pulling on their ears a lot- (no, it's not an ear infection)
-Don't get me started on the drool.. it's like a waterfall pouring out of their mouths!- changing outfits 4 times a day because they are soaking wet!

But can anyone tell me a definite yes or no if they are teething?- NO......So what if the formula is really hurting their belly? Or what if it is just a growth spurt? What if something bigger is wrong and that's why they aren't eating.

Obviously I know there isn't something that serious- I'm almost positive it's teething. I really just wish babies came into the world knowing Sign Language- then you have 9-10 months to practice your own Sign Language! Ha!   :D

Well, Besides this teething issues, the boys are simply perfect. I have never been so happy as I am when I can make them smile just from talking to Brad and they hear my voice. Or just by kissing their cheek.  They melt me every day and night.

They are turning 18 weeks this week!!
4 Month doctor appointment on Thursday, which means second round of shots :(
Gotta keep them babies safe!  <3

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