Tuesday, May 29

Memorial Day Weekend

It's been almost a week since I have updated everyone on our life!
Not much has happened as far as the boys, 
They are currently going through Another growth spurt! We go through these seems like once a month- i'm not sure how normal that is, but it's normal in this house!

All they want to do is sleep and eat.  But even their eating is very off right now.
One meal they will devour 10oz and the next meal they will eat 2 oz and want to stop so you have to take a 30minute break and they they suck down the last 6oz like they were never offered food !
Then after they eat, they just want to go back to sleeping- unfortunately for them, I keep them up for at least 2 hours :) Then they sleep for 2-3 hours! Crazy boys. 

I always look forward to these growth spurts to be over, they are always way happier and more content and it seems like while they sleep, they learn a new skill! So exciting!

Blake has been able to roll over in both directions a few times, but never seems to want to do it infront of an audience- we just walk in and he is on another side of his body :)

Eli has only rolled over twice, but he will get there- once he sees Blake doing it all the time, he will pick it up- i'm sure!

This weekend was WONDERFUL- Having Brad home for 4 days straight was simply amazing.  It makes me hate when he has to go back to work- and also makes me wonder how I manage every day by myself!
Brad had Friday off of work, so he happily gave me a full day off with no babies and no responsibility!
WOW did I have a fun day! But it was SOOO boring! I missed those boys like crazy.

I went and got a Pedicure (picked up Starbucks on the way!), went shopping, I had some free coupons at Victoria's Secret, went clothes shopping (which was very much needed!), bought myself some wonderful cupcakes (Took a break from baking!) and came home and ate a huge Panera Bread Salad while reading my Nook outside in the sun!- Then fell asleep on the couch.

Saturday, we got to spend ALL day with my momma! It was so so nice. We put together some patio chairs while Brad did a little work for her. Then once the boys woke up from their nap, we went Swimming!

We really thought they would enjoy kicking in the water because they LOVE bathtime.. but no.
They really didn't like it.  I will keep playing with them in the water so soon, they will love it!

Then we had a delicious cook out while the boys took their last cat-nap of the day. Such a great day relaxing and getting my tan on! haha.

Sunday, Brad and I stayed home and worked outside every chance we got (every nap time). We have been working extremely hard to get our backyard 'beautified'. We added dozens of plants around our deck and finally got the stone work layed around the flower bed, and mulched it all.
Our bodies are exhausted.

Monday we spent the evening with Brad's family. Everyone came up to our house- which is always nice, traveling with the boys is not the easiest thing in the world ;).
We had an incredible grilled dinner! Enough food to feed our whole street! Steak, burgers, brats,dogs, potatoes,corn on the cob, beans, chips....Amazing. 
Once the boys went to bed, we all hung out on our deck and played corn hole!
Great fun, but would have been much better if Brad and I didn't get KILLED hahah!

I hope everyone else had a great long weekend!
Lots of love from all of us!

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