Sunday, May 20

What big boys you are!

 Eli has reached a new physical milestone and I couldn't be more proud!
He isn't rolling over like Blake yet, but unlike Blake, he is able to be on his tummy and prop himself up on his arms/elbows!

Now that he can see what's infront of him, i'm sure crawling will begin soon :)

So, Brad and I started this new thing and we decided that since we love this so much, that we should share it with everyone!

We jokingly call them "meat plates" ::

1 pound of hamburger that we put into a gallon size Ziplock bag.
Then we seal the bag and roll out the meat with a rolling pin until it is between 1/4" and 1/2" thick

We freeze the "meat plates" like this.

We found out that it is WAY faster to thaw meat when it is super thin like this- and if we only want to cook 1/2 a pound, then it is really easy to break off what you need/want to use!

We really wanted to make hamburgers- so to be like Wendy's, we scored the meat into 4 pieces and  broke them off -- which means we had Quarter Pounders

We let them thaw then grilled them!

SO good and way way easier than trying to press out meat into a patty shape!

Well, that's my Tip of the Day!

Hope everyone is having a happy weekend! Stay cool!

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