Friday, May 18

Squash and a Movie Night!

Since we have started the baby food this week (Pears), I suppose I should let you all in on my secret!
Since January (while I was 9-10 months preggo) I've been slowly producing my own baby food and storing it in the freezer!

As of right now I have
 and, after today....Squash!

It might seem a little over-kill that I started before the boys were born, but honestly I had NO idea how much of a life or how much time I would have to make it once they were here
(Thankfully, I have had plenty of time to keep the supply going!)

Here is my secret weapon::

This is BabyCook by : BEABA

It is a steamer and a food processor all in one!
You cube up your produce, place it in the basket-  pour some water into the steamer and turn the button!
It takes about 15minutes to steam the food and you just pour the food from the strainer into the bottom processor! Voila!
So in about 17 Minutes, you have lots of baby food!

This is my just-made Squash.

I already had these pans on hand before I started making baby food- they are Silicone Mini Muffin pans.
Pour your baby food puree in and freeze them- then the food just pops right out!

It is so convenient not having to buy hundreds of jars of baby food!

** You can purchase the BabyCook by  BEABA at  William Sonoma**
I'm also pretty obsessed with BEABA's baby utensils!

Pretty lazy Friday for us- the boys and I went shopping. 
We are going to have a Movie date-night tonight once the boys are in bed, so I had to get some food for the fun :)

While shopping, a 90's boy band song came on in the store-- so I started singing...turns out the boys LOVE 90's boy bands just like me!!

Soo adorable-- they were laughing so hard at my singing!!

Happy Friday Everyone!

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