Friday, May 11

Meeting Some Milestones

Well, since turning 3 months, we have accompished a few milestones!

3 months + 1 week - Unfortunately, Mommy got sick. Which means that Blake and Eli were almost sure to get it.  And Yep! Blake started getting a fever on Sunday. Got up to 101 very sad and tired boy. It broke my heart.  Then Monday, Eli started getting a fever. His got up to 100.4 .  It took about 24 hours to break their fevers, after 3 days, they are just down to snotty noses- which I might say is just as yucky as a fever is..

You spend hours rocking, holding, kissing, and cooling off your baby when they are sick.  I never thought seeing them sick would be so hard for me.   I cried and cried.  Thank goodness they are better now!! Happy boys back on their daily schedule = a happy mommy!

Now, just yesterday (May 10th)- Blake woke up crying hard in the middle of the night. I went in to his room, calmed him down and he fell back asleep.  I swear, 15 minutes later, he was crying again! I went into the room again- Blake had totally flipped over onto his back! (we have them sleeping on their tummies).  He obviously didn't know what to do on his back or how to go back to sleep.  Then today, he flipped over again during his morning nap!

Clearly I am going to have to start training both boys to sleep on their backs just as well as they sleep on their tummies.  Otherwise we are looking at ZERO sleep in the upcoming months!

Now we are just waiting for Eli to start rolling over- but until then he is talking up a storm! Makes me smile non-stop!  He has even started pronouncing his 'goo'.   Love my little chatter box :)

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