Tuesday, May 1

Three Months and Survived!!

  Dropping in for an update! We officially made it to their 3 month stage!! I will say, this last week has been HELL getting them to their 3rd month.  

I had heard that the 3 month growth spurt was the worst in their entire first year, and man do I hope it is the worst!   These two boys wanted to be held non-stop (which is impossible with two babies!) they wanted to eat Non-stop and if they weren't eating, they just wanted to sleep!  Which means NO FUN for Mommy!!
So, they jumped up to eating 8-9 oz. at each meal and slept 2-3hours at all 3 naps during the day and were still sleeping all 12 hours straight at night! Crazy week! I'm so glad it's over.

Milestone Updates::

-- 2 months went up to Size 2 Diapers

-- 12 weeks we switched to 6 month clothes

Starting at 12 weeks, Blake started gurgling and blowing bubbles! It is the sweetest noise when I go in their room in the morning and he is cooing and ooing and buzzing his lips as he smiles at me!! :D

And at the same age, Eli started reaching out for toys and grabbing them to play with. He can clearly control his hand movements

Now we are at 13 weeks both are SO SO Close to rolling over! We put them on their bellies and they can almost turn onto their backs.. almost.

And both boys are getting really good at putting weight on their legs when I help them stand up :)

Well, Bed Time for mom!

Good night!

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