Monday, May 14

I Like To Eat Apples and Bananas.... Or Pears!

What a Big Big day for the boys!!
Well, I guess I should back track a little.  

I forgot to mention that at their Dr. Appt. at 3 months
Blake weighed 13lb. 10oz.
Eli weighed 13lb. 12oz.
I'm pretty impressed with how close their weights have stayed so far!

Yesterday was Mother's Day! My very first Mother's Day! Super exciting!
Saturday, we spent the day with my mom- we visited an Organic Dairy Farm! They boys' first "field trip" and what did they do??....SLEEP the entire time! They weren't the least bit excited about the little piggies or chickens. Ha!

We also went to a Nursery and bought our plants for our garden and Mom bought a few plants for herself and her mom.

That night we put the boys to bed (which was the Easiest ever since they were exhausted!) and we went out and planted our garden!!
We officially have 12 Tomato plants, 8 Bell Pepper plants, 4 Jalapeno plants, Celery, Onion,
Green Beans, and Yellow Squash!! Hopefully we get a TON of salsa made this summer/fall! YUM!

Sunday, we went down to the in-laws house. They have recently been adding on to their house and WOW it's incredible!  Spent the entire day/afternoon with them and it was wonderful!  The boys gave me a Mother's Day gift and took a 3 hour nap at their house so we were able to hang out with them with no kids for a bit!

That brings me to today (Monday).  Yesterday Blake ate 10oz of formula! And kept it all down.  We have been talking about how obviously hungry he is and liquid is just not enough to fill him up anymore. So this morning, we tried out our first adult foods!!

(I  have been making my own baby food purees and freezing them so right now, I have a massive storage of the basic baby foods, pears,apples,bananas)
Eli took to the Pears great! He ate about 2tsp then took 6oz of Formula
Blake wasn't quite as happy about the switch - he ate 1 tsp of Pears and 7oz of Formula --Blake still seems to have the tongue reflex of pushing things out of his mouth- which is fine! We will just keep slowly working on the baby food :)

An exciting day and the day has just begun!
Happy Monday to All!

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