Monday, July 9

Food Is Our Common Ground

Starting a new week and we are now at 23 weeks old!!

My big boys are sitting up all on their own perfectly! (Well they do have the occasional tumble!)
They both have their 2 bottom teeth and they are so adorable!
Blake is working on his top teeth already! --That boy is efficiant! Wam Bam.

They are crazy rolly pollys! They just roll across the floor to get places-it's hilarious! If you put them on their belly, they flip to their back, flip to their belly,flip to their back...until they get to where they want to be!   I can tell crawling will be soon- and they are about 1 week away from pulling themselves up! Such strong little guys.

Well, I have been cooking like crazy yesterday and today.

Last night I picked a TON of green beans from our garden and made the boys their first Green Bean baby food!  Such a great feeling knowing all of my hard work has come in full circle!   I also made Yellow Squash baby food --they were also from our garden! Can't wait for them to taste it!

Our list of baby foods tried is growing! We started easy and have slowly added!
We have tried:

Butternut Squash

**Do not mash and freeze the bananas. It turns them into a thick pudding texture and the boys HATE it. ...Now we add the bananas to oatmeal so they can't tell the texture ;)

Food in the freezer ready to try next:

Green Beans
Black Beans

When we started solids we started giving them a few teaspoons at just one meal a day. Then once they started eating about 2Tblspoons at that meal, we added a second meal..etc..
Our feeding schedule for this week:
7am-- 2TBL Peach Applesauce + 6-8oz Formula
11am-- 2TBL Banana Oatmeal + 6oz. Formula  (oatmeal is filling!)
3pm-- 2TBL Peas + 6-8oz Formula
5pm-- 2-3 tsp. Butternut Squash <----we just started adding this small meal to make it to bedtime!
7pm-- 6-8oz Formula with 1/4 cup Rice cereal

They are little piggies! And on top of that, I ordered some beginner Sippy Cups today, so next week we will try to start drinking water! Gosh they are growing so fast!

Last night I also made Brad and I a treat!
This weekend was my mamma's birthday! So I tried a new 'cake'  and made this::

All fruit! Base is a watermelon-- I used round cookie cutters for the polka dots! So fun and a delicious way to end a HOT summer day!

I took the remaining Watermelong and cubed it up. I found a recipe for
Watermelon Granita that I've wanted to try..

Watermelon Granita

4cups cubed Watermelon (I used 6cups)
1/2 cup Sugar
1 TBL Lemon Juice

Combine all in a food processor.  Push through a sieve so you have just the juices.
Pour into a 9X13"Pan and Freeze overnight.  Next day, scrape with a fork so it looks like a blown up snowcone ;)    Keep frozen.


We finally have some ripened tomatoes from our garden and we have tons of fresh basil, so I have decided that Bruschetta is the way to use those items!
In order to have Bruschetta, I need french bread!

But, it's so darn good warm and fresh that It's 1/2 gone already and No bruschetta has been made!
I promise, tomorrow I will be making it :)

Happy Monday!

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