Wednesday, July 18

If I Could Run A School....This is What I Would Teach.

I've come to the conclusion that the education system is screwed up.

If I ran a school, I would NOT be teaching only math, science,english.. We would be mostly learning;
1. Budgets
2. Mortgages-how to buy a house and apply for a mortgage
3. Insurance- why we need car,house,life..
4. How to grow a garden- from start to finish (especially in a drought!)
5. College debt- and how FAFSA doesn't make it free..
6. How to fix common household appliances- Microwave,dishwasher,washer/dryer,toilet
7. Future Planning- 401k, IRA, Stock&Bonds-which is better?
8. Babies..what happens when you bring them home

Number 8.
I feel like if there was better education, not about sex ed., but purely about babies, then more of these high school girls would NOT be getting preggo.
Here are some major topics that should be discussed::
1. Labor & Delivery is NOT like the movies
2. First night home from hospital--Don't expect to sleep
3. First week- don't expect to sleep
4. Months 1-3..Babies don't do ANYTHING but, sleep,eat,poop and CRY
5. Months 3-6.. Babies CRY because of: Teething and Growth Spurts
              a.    They are a little more fun these months but,
               b.  Growth spurts happen almost every other week in the beginning, the less often they have a growth spurt, the worse is it for them.
                c.   They dont' just pop out teeth- it takes weeks or months of Fussiness and painful crying until you see results.
 6. Babies Can't tell you what's wrong! -They cry when they are:
              a.  Hungry
              b.  Tired
              c.  Over-Stimulated
              d.  Bored
              e.  Too Full
              f.  Gassy
              g. Sick
              h.  Scared
              i.  in Pain

 This is about as far into my baby experience that I am, but now kids,
 Obviously it has been a rough week in our house.

We are dealing with the top teeth trying to push through- which means they are not eating very much because sucking hurts their teeth. They are sleeping non-stop. They are waking at weird times during their naps- because their gums hurt. They aren't happy while they are awake because their gums hurt...etc..
On top of the teething, they are going through their 6 month growth spurt.
Someone might ask, "How do you know they are going through both of these?"

My answer-- Spend a day in my house. 
I know everyone has gone through this, but I will say it again, having 2 babies going through this at the same time is so hard. All I want to do is hold them and rock them and comfort them- and I can't.    :(  I just don't have enough arms to help both at the same time.  So so hard.

Maybe I should record a day in the life of twin 6 month-olds and send it in to a sex-ed class at the local schools... label it
"Best Form of Birth Control"

As my mom says: *This Too Shall Pass*
I will take a deep breath, a long drink, and a good nights sleep and look forward to another day with my beautiful day with my baby boys!
They are so lucky they are so darn cute!

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