Thursday, August 30

6 Month Fly-By

Whew! This week has FLOWN by!
I have been working my butt of trying to get these 'Thank You' desserts made and looking perfect!
I'm making some AMAZING Lemon & Cream Cheese Cake Pops for the Pediatric Opthamology doctors at Riley Children's Hospital.

*I know it's not enough for saving my baby's eyes..but they are super tasty!*

This will be the first time I am putting my name out to strangers and showing them that I can, and do, make amazing desserts.
On top of making the desserts, I had to finish my 'Bakery' website and create my Business cards and box stickers!
So, here it is!::
I'm so proud!

Brad helped me create my logo/card and I love it!
What do you think??
Well... I know my most recent posts have been nothing but happy...
I'm sorry to say, but things are still getting better and better!!
These crazy boys haven't been napping very much...but I LOVE it!  Today, we spent the day at Grammy's house so we could receive a package for her. 
There are 2 pack 'n' plays at her house and they are right next to eachother.
Well the pack 'n' play sides are mesh, so they just sat in those laughing and talking the entire time they were supposed to be napping!  
They took a 1 1/2 hour nap in the morning, then in the afternoon, they took a 10 minute nap on the drive home...
So, From 11:45am - 7:00pm, they slept for 10 minutes.
How Crazy!
This is so strange and new to us! They played and played allllll night long! We are having SO MUCH FUN every night!!!!
and BIG NEWS---
Eli is officially crawling now!
He is exactly 1 month behind Blake on crawling.
Their eyes seem to be recovering great. We still have to give them 4 drops a day in their eyes (an antibiotic) but they take them like champs.
I didn't ever think that their eyes were cloudy, but now that they are perfect, it's amazing how much better they look.
Tomorrow is another big day for us,
We have our 1 week check-up since the surgeries.
They are going to try and get pressure readings on all 4 eyes and look in them as much as possible.
If all goes well, we will be done for a month!
If they are not able to get a good enough check on them, or good pressure readings, we will need to schedule another 'exam under sedation' just to be 100% sure everything is healing well.
Either way, as long as it's all good news!
Tomorrow they are Officially 7 Months Old!!!!
This past month has been so busy and so emotionally up and down...I can't believe it is over already!
Today, I fed them so 'puffs'.
Eli is getting his skills of picking up tiny objects and putting them in his mouth.. I believe they call it the "pincher" skill.  :)   That means he will be feeding himself soon!
And, Blake was standing up-- On his own-- Not hanging on to anything... WOWOWOW
*It wasn't for very long..but he did it! Then he just plopped down on his butt! Then he got right back up and stood up again!*
Both boys are also saying 'DaDa'.
Drives me nuts! I try everyday to get them to say 'MaMa' and they look at me and say 'DaDa'... It seems like some sort of cruel joke they are playing on me! lol
6 Month Stage has been a Wild Ride!
Not only for their health reasons, but learning to:
 crawl, talking Non-stop!, staying up so long during the day and shortening their naps, getting into the dog food, chewing on dog toys, Top teeth pushing through-super swollen gums, our first diaper rash!(Ouch!), Jumping all over their crib, pulling themselves up on objects and in their much happened!

I can't wait for the next 6 months!!
*I'm sure they will be saying 'MaMa' by then!*

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