Saturday, August 25

Liar Liar...Pants on Fire?

Brad and I have had a few chats about telling our kids little white lies.
Honestly, we are preeetty excited to get to that stage!
I'm curious about how everyone feels about telling their kids white lies?
I've been doing a little research on it and how it affects children and their mental state..and all that wonderful psychology.
I really don't believe that telling white lies is going to be the end of your child's normal state of mind..or sanity.  And quite frankly...we've all been 'lied' to!
So, here is my list of White Liest that I am looking forward to sharing with my boys::
1. The ice cream truck only plays it's music when it is out of ice cream
--really, those guys are so creepy, and if I can keep my kids from spending a few bucks on his dirty truck ice cream, I will.
2. Your fortune cookie reads...'Your bedtime will be 15 minutes early tonight'...
--obviously only until your kids can read, but c'mon, what parent doesn't want 15 extra minutes at night!
3.  The car won't start until everyone is buckled! (As you jiggle the key in the ignition)
--i'm not a parent of older kids yet, but I do know that kids like to live on the wild saying anything that will keep them safe is fair game in my book.
4. If you eat the watermelon seeds you will grow a watermelon in your belly!
--There is nothing educational about this, or for safety..but it's HILARIOUS. I was told this as a child and I have never purposly eaten a watermelon seed in my life!
5. Santa won't bring you presents if are a bad boy (and it's only January!)
--Absolutely. Kids should be rewarded for good behavior.. mommy will remember if santa doesn't!  ;)
6. Don't cross your eyes or they will get stuck like that!
--there's really no explanation for this one. It's just fun!
7. You will go blind if you sit too close to the T.v!
--Yea not really....but we don't want our kids to look like zombies ..
Well, those are all I can come up with right now..
I would love everyone's versions of white lies they tell their kids or they were told as kids!!

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  1. Seriously, you don't eat watermelon seeds? Who would tell you a "white lie" like that?