Tuesday, August 21

Second Surgery

Today was another big day in the Waits household!

The boys had their second eye surgery this morning.

We had to check into the hospital at 6:15am! Eaaarrly. And of course I could NOT sleep. I think I ended up getting 2 hours of sleep. :(

Blake was scheduled to get his surgery first at 7:30am.
We had a different doctor doing the procedure this time. This doctor is head of the Pediatric Ophthalmology department at Riley. That always makes you feel a little better!

Blake was in and out in no time. Way, way faster than the first surgery.  He was done and in recovery around 8:40am. They said the surgery went great and everything is looking wonderful! They checked the pressure in his eye that had surgery last week, and the pressure was at 5!! Holy Moly.  That's actually a little too low, but they said that while recovering from surgery, it is very normal for it to drop that low.  They keep a close eye on us this next week and it should slowly level itself out to a normal pressure level.

Eli was taken back at 9:00am.  It stinks that Eli has a cold right now. All he wanted to do was snuggle and sleep. Poor kid really just wanted his bed :(  But we are so thankful that he wasn't too sick to get his surgery today! The last thing I wanted to do was make another trip back to OutPatient Surgery Center for another surgery day.

Eli was in and out of his surgery as well! He was back in my arms taking his bottle by 10:20am.

Again, the doctor said everything went so well.

They didn't do an extensive exam this time, so we really aren't sure exactly how bad these eyes today were, but once the eyes have fully healed we will find out more info.

We have our check up tomorrow for the boys to get their eye patches off.
Then we will have to come back in a week for another check of their pressure levels in their eyes.

If that check up goes well, we won't have to come back for another month.
Then, if that month's check up is good..then we will be done for a long time!
But, if they aren't able to get a good read on their levels, then we will come in for a sedated exam again.
So we will wait for about a month and hopefully they can get a great read just in the office and we won't need anymore sedation!

The boys are still sleeping. Poor guys have been through the ringer this week.

 I will say that after the surgeries, the doctor was Preeety confident that these surgeries were so successful that they will probably not need anymore surgeries. Again, the waiting game for one more month, but more than likely this will fix it!
Which also means no more drops!

Fingers crossed that they will be done with this for a long, long time.


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